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This is a guide about the Ninjala Pass and Battle Pass in Ninjala. Read on to know what is the Ninjala Pass, What is the Battle Pass, How to Level it up, rewards by each tier, and if it's worth it.

What is the Ninjala Pass?

A Premium Reward System for the Battle Pass

Ninjala Pass.jpg
Battle pass is a common reward system in any online game. For Ninjala, it rewards the players with exclusive cosmetics, medals, and even Jala (Free)! However, if a Ninjala Pass is bought, the Battle Pass will give even better rewards for players!

Is the Ninjala Pass Worth Buying?

Absolutely Yes for Ninjala Fans

If you play Ninjala a lot then chances are those battle pass level will be off the roof. And every time it levels up, you gain a reward when you buy the Ninjala Pass. Ninjala Pass makes your grind extremely worth it!

Questionable for Casual Players

The Battle Pass level won't be rising much if you don't play the game too much. It is not recommended to purchase the Ninjala Pass if this is the case. The money would be better spent on other stuff from the Jala Market or other exclusive event items.

How to Unlock the Ninjala Pass

Purchase for 900 Jalas

Exclusive Ninjala Pass.png
To get more and unique rewards, Use 900 Jala to unlock the exclusive Ninjala Pass. You can also buy the Ninja Bundle for 2800 Jala to advance by 25 tiers in the Ninjala Pass.

Exclusive Ninjala Pass

Tier Reward Tier Reward
Road Ninja Garb
51 Shinobi Skater Parka
2 Fist Bump
50 Jala (Free)
52 Shinobi Black Headwear
50 Jala (Free)
3 Inazuma 53 140 Bronze Medals
4 50 Jala (Free) 54 50 Silver Medals
5 Sigh 55 Bow
6 Word: Crazy 56 50 Jala (Free)
7 Word: Cool 57 Road Ninja Hachigane
8 Ahahaha! 58 10 Gold Medals
9 50 Jala (Free) 59 Charmant Minidress
10 140 Bronze Medals 60 Image: Good Luck Cat
11 50 Silver Medals 61 Hmph!
12 50 Jala (Free) 62 Team Bonus 2
13 Street Ninja Mask 63 Shake It
14 50 Jala (Free)
10 Gold Medals
64 50 Jala (Free)
15 Question Mark 65 140 Bronze Medals
16 Disgusted 66 Post Modern 1
17 50 Jala (Free) 67 50 Jala (Free)
18 50 Jala (Free) 68 50 Silver Medals
19 Face: Angry 69 Face: Surprised
20 140 Bronze Medals 70 50 Jala (Free)
10 Gold Medals
21 50 Silver Medals 71 Loose Wave
22 Image: Dango Ninja
50 Jala (Free)
72 140 Bronze Medals
23 Hands: Punch 73 Face: Enamored
24 10 Gold Medals 74 Friend Bonus 1
25 140 Bronze Medals 75 Hands: Clapping
26 Bun 76 EXP Boost 3
27 50 Jala (Free) 77 Exclamation Point
28 50 Jala (Free)
50 Silver Medals
78 50 Jala (Free)
50 Silver Medals
29 Curtain Call 79 Calligraphy (Samurai)
30 Battle Ninja Suit 80 Team Bonus 3
31 Bring It On! 81 Street 1
32 EXP Boost 1 82 Mashed Battle Hood
50 Jala (Free)
33 10 Gold Medals 83 50 Jala (Free)
34 50 Jala (Free) 84 Punk 1
35 Neon Sign 1 85 10 Gold Medals
36 Backflip Success 86 50 Jala (Free)
37 EXP Boost 2 87 That's Right!
38 Word: LOVE 88 140 Bronze Medals
39 Sporty 1 89 Calligraphy (Sakura)
40 50 Jala (Free) 90 50 Jala (Free)
41 50 Jala (Free) 91 50 Jala (Free)
42 Hands: Thumbs Up 92 Sob
43 Image: Origami Crane 93 Kunai Headdress
50 Jala (Free)
44 Comics 1 94 10 Gold Medals
45 Team Bonus 1 95 Big Wave
46 50 Silver Medals 96 140 Bronze Medals
47 Salute 97 Calligraphy (Matsuri)
50 Jala (Free)
48 Free Tier 3 98 Charmant Mode Lens
15 Gold Medals
49 Hands: Wave 99 Calligraphy (Shinobi)
50 50 Jala (Free) 100 Street Ninja Garb & Kunai Knit Cap
30 Bronze, 20 Silver, & 50 Gold Medals

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