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This is a guide to Drum Beat, a Gum Weapon in Ninjala. Read on to know Drum Beats Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, Special, and Abilities. We also show the best methods of using Drum Beat and optimal strategies to do while equipping it.

Drum Beat Weapon Details

Drum Beat Basic Info

`title` Drum Beat A gum weapon especially suited for close-range combat. Its pursuit attacks and area-of-effect specials make for powerful offense and defense.
HP:330 Move Speed:95
Weapon Type: Hammer

Drum Beat Rank Tier

Tier Ranking Tier Explanation
★★★☆☆ A hammer weapon that can provide support in a battle. It's best used in Team Battles.

Drum Beat Attributes

Drum Beat Gum Shoot

Gum LauncherGum Launcher Homes in on your opponent and explodes.

Drum Beat Shoot Demo

Drum Beat Gum Ninjutsu

`title` Dragon Lord Fire a gum dragon that homes in on your foe.

Drum Beat Ninjutsu Demo

Drum Beat Special

`title` Echoing Scream Launch a soundwave attack that freezes foes.

Drum Beat Special Move Demo

Drum Beat Abilities

`title` Feedback Normal and wide attacks reset special cooldown.
`title` Up Tempo [Big Weapon] Move faster when life is reduced below a certain amount.

Abilities with a “Big Weapon” text means that the ability only triggers while a Big Weapon is equipped.

How to Use Drum Beat

General Tips

Drum Beat Electric Orb.jpg
Drum Beat specializes in immobilizing opponents for a short duration. Every neutral attack it does will produce an electric orb that will briefly stun opponents, and each hit inflicts high damage.

Drum Beat Echoing Scream.jpg
What makes the Drum Beat strong is it's Special - Echoing Scream. Not only it can immobilize the opponents for a short duration, but it will also damage them. Start punishing your opponents once they get caught by the Echoing Scream.

Drum Beat Dragon Lord.jpg
Always use the Dragon Lord whenever it's active. It can only cut off half of the opponent's HP, but as long as it is followed by a wide or neutral attack, the opponent will be defeated.

Combo Guide

Special Combo

Special Normal Normal Wide

This combo starts off with a Special. It is good to use against multiple opponents.

Dragon Lord Combo

Ninjutsu Dash Dash Special Wide

This combo might be hard to pull off, but it will surely beat opponents even if they have spare S-Energy.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Drum Beat


  • Strong Neutral Attacks - Each neutral attack will create an electric orb that will stun opponents that get hit. Each hit also deals massive damage.
  • Team Battle - Drum Beat can provide support to the team by stopping the opponents' movement.
  • Become the Center of Battle - Always look for a fight. You will have better chance of defeating opponents if your at the center of battle.


  • Chasing Opponents - Since Drum Beat is a slow weapon, it will be hard to chase opponents.
  • Weak Gum Shoot - Drum Beat's Gum Launcher only deals low damage on opponents. The chance of binding opponents also depends on luck.

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