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This is a guide to Scroll Blade, a Gum Weapon in Ninjala. Read on to know Scroll Blades Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, Special, and Abilities. We also show the best methods of using Scroll Blade and optimal strategies to do while equipping it.

Scroll Blade Weapon Details

Scroll Blade Basic Info

`title` Scroll Blade A gum weapon with mobility and rushing power. Unleash attacks easily, and power up when you defeat an opponent.
HP:300 Move Speed:100
Weapon Type: Katana

Scroll Blade Rank Tier

Tier Ranking Tier Explanation
★★☆☆☆ A sword that has Gum Ninjutsu and Shoot that excels in long-ranged engagements but the nerf to the Piercing Mixer really hurts it

Scroll Blade Attributes

Scroll Blade Gum Shoot

Gum KunaiGum Kunai Multiple kunai home in on your opponent.

Scroll Blade Shoot Demo

Scroll Blade Gum Ninjutsu

`title` Piercing Mixer Launch a gum beam that penetrates terrain.

Scroll Blade Ninjutsu Demo

Scroll Blade Special

`title` Charging Slash Charge at your opponent with a quick attack.

Scroll Blade Special Move Demo

Scroll Blade Abilities

`title` Chakra Defeating a foe fully resets special cooldown.
`title` Kamikaze [Big Weapon] Move faster when you defeat a foe with a special.

Abilities with a “Big Weapon” text means that the ability only triggers while a Big Weapon is equipped.

How to Use Scroll Blade

General Tips

Ninjala Scroll Blade.jpg
The Scroll Blade is similar to the IPPON Katana in terms of Special and Abilities, although it has a different Gum Shoot and Ninjitsu.
Ninjala Scroll Blade Kunai.jpg
These two make it play different as compared to the IPPON Katana. Gum Kunai is homing as well, but it has a longer startup and better homing. Piercing Mixer is a long ranged beam that you aim that hits opponents through walls in a straight line.
Ninjala Piercing Mixer.jpg
This means that the Scroll Blade is more range-oriented, with gameplay based around staying far and peppering your opponents with Kunai before going in for the kill, and then backing away again, then delivering a Piercing Mixer from afar. You can use Charging Blade to move towards bound targets quickly or to get away from engagements.


Initiating Combo

Special Neutral Neutral Neutral Wide

This is a combo that you can use to charge into an opponent with Charging Blade. If it is unparried, this will reduce a full HP opponent to zero.

Special Ender Combo

Neutral Neutral Neutral Wide Special

This combo will reduce a full HP opponent to zero and end with the special, thus activating the weapon's Abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Scroll Blade


  • Far Range - This weapon is suited for farther ranges, harassing with Gum Shoots and using Piercing Mixer to snipe targets. This also means that you can snipe fleeing targets or, if you have no quarrel with it, steal far away kills from others by sniping with this ability.
  • Chasing - When opponents try to disengage from you, you can stop them with Gum Kunai or simply kill them with a Piercing Mixer.
  • Stealing Kills - With Piercing Mixer, you can shoot low health opponents far away, even those fighting.


  • Close Up - Piercing Mixer does not have invincibility frames, so getting attacked cancels it. Keep away from others when using it!

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