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This is a beginner's guide for Ninjala. Here we list all the beginner's guides for ninjala. We talk about topics like Jalas, Medals, Ninjalas objectives, and down to Ninjala's intricate combat system. We also have a FAQ section for other questions you may have for the game.

Beginners Guides

What is Jala

Jalas are purchasable in-game currency used for buying cosmetics, a Ninjala Pass, or to try your luck in the Gum Gacha.

What Are Medals

Medals are used to unlock Shinobi Cards and level them up. There are three types of Medals: Gold, Silver, and Bronze with Bronze being the most common and Gold medals being the rarest. Gold Medals are extremely hard to obtain, that's why we have a different guide for it altogether right below here!
How to Get Gold Medals

What is the Ninjala Pass

Ninja Pass
An item that allows you to redeem more rewards by leveling your character. Purchasing Ninja Pass is worth it for collectors and and those who love playing the game since the more levels you can rack up, the more rewards you can gain from the Ninjala Pass.

Having second thoughts or want an opinion for purchasing the Ninjala Pass? Look no further than our article about the Ninjala Pass!
Is the Ninjala Pass Worth Buying? | Ninjala Pass Guide

Changing Your Equipment

Equipment can be changed from the Closet menu. Go to your Ninjala Closet then choose Battle Equipment. From there, you can select the Gum Weapon and Shinobi Cards that you wish to equip in your next bout.

Ninjala's Objective

ninjala guide
Ninjala is set in a stage where you beat other Ninjas in a battle royal-esque action game. Your goal is to rack up scores which will be compared with the other ninjas on the stage when the timer runs out. The one with the highest score is declared the winner!

How to Play Ninjala

Below are all the guides for each combat commands in Ninjala. If you wish to look for guides about Ninjala's controller setup guide, see the link below.

Basic Controls and Movement Guide

How to Move

There are a set of commands set for you to use during the battles in Ninjala. The most basic one is moving your character. You can move your character by using the left stick. Moving is the most basic maneuver skill in the game. Moving around the field is needed to find or run away from enemies or destroying drones to rack up points!

How to Attack

There are several options given to you to defeat other Ninjas but the most basic one if the attack command. Tapping the ZR button will allow your Ninja to attack your target.

How to Know Who I'm Targeting?

Out of Range In Range
target system (1)Enlarge target system (2)Enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge it.

There is a small red dot at the center of your target. This indicates that your Ninja is targeting that foe! An orange dot means that the enemy is out of range while a red dot means that the target can be hit by your attacks.

How to Block

Gum Block
Fellow Ninjas will do the same to you so they can rack up points for themselves. To stop enemies from attacking you, hold the ZL button to blow a bubble gum in front of you. This is your block and the gum will pop if it takes too much damage, making you vulnerable. Be careful as you'll be vulnerable to break attacks when blocking.

What is S-Burst

Rock Paper

S-Burst is an ability that you have upon getting hit that allows you to parry incoming attacks at the cost of S-Power. Be cautious in using this though, as it uses quite a lot of S-Power. A misuse can leave you without S-Power or worse, a break attack on an S-Burst leaves you encased in bubblegum and vulnerable to an IPPON.

How to Use Gum Shoot

Gum Shoot
If the enemy is far away or is running away, you can use projectiles to be able to attack them from a distance. To use Gum Shoot, hold the ZL button and when your block is at maximum (when it stops expanding further) tap the ZR button to unleash your Gum Shoot upon the enemy. For a detailed guide about Gum Shoots and a list of all Gum Shoots, check our guide below.

Gum Shoot Guide| Gum Shoot List

How to Use Specials

Special (1)
Specials are, as the name suggests, a special command that can change the way you should play the game. To use Specials, tap the Y button. The Special's effects vary from weapons to weapons so make sure to read the weapon's description or refer to our Specials list down below!

List of Specials | Specials Guide

Using Ninjutsus

Ninjutsu 2

Ninjutsu is this game's super move. Its effects are devastating and should be used carefully to maximize its effect. For a list of all ninjutsus, see our guide below.

Ninjutsu List | Guide to Ninjutsus

How to Use Gum Morph

Gum morph
Gum Morph is a transformation technique that imitates surrounding objects around you. Use it to fool enemies and to stay away from danger. Additionally, your health regeneration increases when you're Gum Morphed, so use it to heal up outside of battles! Check for enemies first though, if they see you transform then you become an easy target.


Utsusemi Morph Set Gum Utsusemi
utsusemi utsusemi

There is another morphing method called Utsusemi. It can be used by pressing the right D pad (default) to transform to your equipped Gum Utsusemi. You can also drop a fake Utsusemi to fool opponents then surprise them from somewhere else with your Utsusemi as the bait.

FAQs Section

Here we list all common questions about the game. We try to answer as much questions as we can so if you have a question of your own, leave a comment on the comment section below!

Beginner's Guides | How to Play

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