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Welcome to the Ninjala Wiki guide for the Nintendo Switch! Looking for the latest news? The Best Weapons? Best Strategies? The latest events? Game8 has it all!

Ninjala News and Updates

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Latest News and Events

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Episode 0: Ninja-Gum is Born

Episode 1: Bloodline of the Shinobi

Ninjala Weapon Guides

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These are all the weapons in Ninjala. Like all other competitive games, it is hard to strike a balance for all possible options given to you. Check our tierlist below to know which weapons are the strongest to dominate every single game!

`title` IPPON Katana `title` Scroll Blade
`title` Drill Beast `title` Corn Bat
`title` SK8 Hammer `title` Sushi Axe
`title` Iron Noise `title` Drum Beat
`title` Ninja Yo-yo `title` Shinobi Spinner
`title` Mellow à la Mode `title` Trick Ball

Gum Weapons Tier List

Ninjala Beginner Guides


Starting out with Ninjala? Or just confused with some mechanics of the game? Look no further for answers in our beginner guides section!

Beginner's Guides | How to Play

Tier Lists
Gum Weapon Tier List Shinobi Cards Tier List and Guide
Beginner Guides
Top 5 Tips for Beginners!
How to Get Gold Medals How to Get Jalas
Basic Controls and Movement Guide Glossary and Terminologies
Battle Pass Guide How to Unlock Assist Codes
Battle Related Guides
Character Customization Guide What is Ippon
How to Escape Combos How to Block
What is Break Attack Parry Guide
Team Battle Guide S Burst Mode Guide
Combo Guide What Are Drones?
How to Use Gum Utsusemi Best Camera Settings
How to Lock-On How to do Warp Attacks
What is Super Armor What Do Big Weapons Do?
Does Online Play Require a Nintendo Account DIfference Between Free and Paid Jala
What is Gum Consumption? Is the Ninjala Pass Worth Buying?
How Does the Gumball Machine Work? How to Play with Friends
What is the Specialty Shop? List of Purchasables

Ninjala Gum Shoots

Gum Shoot
Each Gum Weapon comes with a Gum Shoot ability and this varies from each weapon. Here, we list all gum shoots currently available inthe game. Click on the link to see more info about each Gum Shoot.

`title` Gum Launcher `title` Gum Kunai `title` Gum Grenade
`title` Gum Balloon `title` Gum Searcher `title` Gum Net

Gum Shoot List

Ninjala Ninjutsus

Gum Ninjutsu
Gum Ninjutsus are your Gum Weapon's Super Ability that allows you to greatly swing the tide of battle to your favor if used correctly. Below, we list all Ninjutsus in the game.

`title` Ninja Tornado `title` Piercing Mixer `title` Dragon Lord
`title` Fujiyama Rocket `title` Punishing Blade `title` Tenchi Muyo

Ninjutsu Tier List

Ninjala Specials

Specials will greatly alter the way a weapons is meant to be used. Below are the list of all specials, Click on the link to learn their effect and which gum weapons they are attached to.

`title` Charging Slash `title` Here and There `title` Power Buster
`title` Echoing Scream `title` Yo-yo Leap `title` Beyond the Gum

Specials List

Ninjala Abilities

Here we list all abilities in Ninjala. They offer positive buffs to your character if the conditions for these abilities are met. Mastering Abilities is one of the secrets to be the best Ninja!

`title` Chakra `title` Kamikaze `title` Miracle Charge
`title` Stealth Attack `title` Iron Body `title` Hyper Boost
`title` Feedback `title` Up Tempo `title` Star Tail
`title` Inside Loop `title` Time to Relax `title` Beyond Fever

Abilities List

Ninjala Shinobi Cards

Shinobi Cards.jpg
There are various Shinobi Cards that can give your Ninja, unique abilities to get an edge over your opponents! See all the Shinobi Cards below or check the link to find out which Shinobi Cards are the best!

Shinobi Cards Tier List

`title` Sudden Burst `title` Master of Change
`title` Wall Shooter `title` Utsusemi Master
`title` Ninja Sense Pro `title` Discerning Eye
`title` Two-Edged Parry `title` Gum Guard Master
`title` Life Drain `title` Starting Dash

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About Ninjala

Release Date June 24, 2020
Platform Nintendo Switch
Price Free
Supported Languages English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean
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