Roc's Feather Location and How to Obtain | Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch)

This is a page on the item Roc's Feather in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see what the Roc's Feather is used for, as well as where it can be found.

Roc's Feather: General Information

RocEnlarge Location: Tail Cave
Item Type: Equipment
Description: Lets you bounce around like you're weightless.
How to Obtain: Can be received in the 1st dungeon (Tail Cave) of the story.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to get this item, see the Tail Cave Walkthrough page below.

Level 1: Tail Cave Walkthrough

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Green Tunic Shield Mirror Shield Power Bracelet
Powerful Bracelet Pegasus Boots Roc's Feather Hookshot
Magic Rod Boomerang Bow Ocarina
Flippers Seashell Sensor Shovel Bomb
Magic Powder Fairy Bottle Empty Bottle


Tail Key Slime Key Angler Key Face Key
Bird Key

Dungeon Items

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Stone Beak

Instruments of the Sirens

Conch Horn Coral Triangle Full Moon Cello Organ of Evening Calm
Sea Lily's Bell Surf Harp Thunder Drum Wind Marimba

Trading Items

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Fishing Hook Hibiscus Honeycomb Goat's Letter
Mermaid Scale Necklace Pineapple Ribbon
Stick Magnifying Lens


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CiaoCiao Figure Goomba Figure Piranha Plant Figure Pokey Figure
Shy Guy Figure Spiny Figure

Miscellaneous Items

Apple Chamber Stone Golden Leaf Green Apple
Guardian Acorn Heart Container Heavyweight Lure Middleweight Lure
Piece of Heart Piece of Power Secret Medicine Secret Seashell

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