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This article summarizes the information we learned from reading the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania. Keep on reading for summaries of interviews, fun facts, and more translated from the Japan-exclusive Ultimania!

Exclusive Developer Interviews

One of the biggest things from the Ultimania were two interviews conducted before the release of the game a lot insight into the development process for the game! Read on or check out the links below to see an English translation of what the devs had to say about Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

Interview With Tetsuya Nomura Interview with Motomu Toriyama

How Many Parts Will There Be?

While many have speculated that there will be roughly 3 parts, producer of the game, Yoshinori Kitase said

We haven't confirmed anything about how many parts there will be, so I think it's just rumors spreading.

At the moment the team has an idea of how many parts they want to do and their plan for the future, but they still haven't finalized anything so no official announcement can be made yet.

When Will Part 2 Come Out?

Leaving Midgar.jpg
Tetsuya Nomura, director of the game, said that the development time of part 2 is dependent on how many parts they decide to split the game into; less and larger parts will take longer to develop while more but shorter parts could be released sooner. In order to keep up with the level of quality they've established with part 1, however, it's unrealistic to expect part 2 within the next year.

Many news outlets have claimed that the next release will be smaller due to comments Nomura made, but this has been slightly misinterpreted. Nomura stated

Personally I would like to release the games quicker to make things easier... The fans likely feel this way as well (laughs).

Nomura is claiming that he would personally like to release the remaining parts just as quickly as fans want to play them, but there are many factors involved and nothing is finalized. With all of that said, be on the look out over the next few years as we may begin to hear more information!

Check Out the Full Interview Here!

Will the Story Change From the Original?


Possible Addition of Crisis Core Locations?

Kitase and Nomura both would like to continue following the story of the original Final Fantasy 7, so don't expect any major changes in that regard, but as with part 1 the script and the events that occur along the way may end up different or expanded upon. Nojima also stated

I'd like to try and add some cities and locations that debuted in Crisis Core as well.

While Crisis Core shares many locations with Final Fantasy 7, it also introduced some new ones as well, like the abandoned village of Modeoheim where Zack first meets Cloud on a mission and could potentially tie into how Cloud viewed their relationship among other things.

While nothing is set in stone now and this is only speculation, there is a chance we could see some of these locations make a reappearance to deepen the FF7 lore.

New and Cut Sub-Plots

Jessie's Backstory

As many fans of the original know, the entirety of Chapter 4 is comprised of new content that goes into Jessie's backstory. The reasoning for this was given by scenario writer Kazushige Nojima

When writing the scenario, with the way graphics have improved since the original, I focused on more deeply developing the characters in the game. For example, in the original there were only a few buildings within the Slums, but in the remake we added a lot of houses and the city feels lived in. I thought to myself, I really want to show the people living here. Each member of Avalance was delved into further as well, I intended to explore their backgrounds, like why are they doing what they do?

In the original, the members of Avalanche don't leave a lasting impression, so their passing had less impact. With various sub-plots like this added in the game the players get a better look into the lives of these characters and they feel more important.

The Turks and Tifa

Besides Avalanche, there were also plans to include sections revolving around the Turks and what they're getting up to throughout the game as well as a bigger focus on Tifa after the Sector 5 Mako Reactor events, that according to Kitase was intended to be an entire chapter of the game

It was a chapter after Cloud falls from the Sector 5 Reactor about what Tifa was doing and how she got into the chocobo carriage [to Don Corneo's mansion] that we had in the game until the latter half of development but due to issues with the schedule we had to cut it.

It's unfortunate that the Turks sub-plot and Tifa's chapter never came to fruition, but these are things that the development team are thinking about so expect to see more character development the remaining parts!

Why Is Remake in the Title?

ff7r logo.jpg

Some have wondered why the word Remake was added into the title, something other remakes of games haven't done. Nomura cited 2 reasons for this

[...]I had two reasons for that, the first being that I wanted to ease the fans' doubts. When we show off our first trailer and fans realize it's Final Fantasy VII, I believed they might be confused if it's a remake, a remaster, or a movie and get a little worried. When we actually premeired the first trailer at E3 2015, we had a lot more people thinking Are they making a movie? than we expected. So I felt including Remake in the title would help them understand better. The other reason is my true intentions behind adding Remake to the title, but unfortunately I can't explain that quite yet. Maybe I can talk about it in a few years (laughs).

The first was when they first announced the game they wanted players to be immediately aware that they were showing off a full-fledged remake rather than just a remaster (there were soome who believed the game might be a movie after the presentation at E3 2015). The second reason is one that Nomura can’t explain just yet, as it reveals his true intentions for the choice that he may be able to reveal later on.

Dialogue Choices and Affection


Dialogue Choices

In the first few weeks after release one of the biggest mystery was how all of the dialogue choices affected the game. Some could get you extra rewards while others just provided different responses from character. The choices in Chapter 9 specifically, though, were some of the most difficult to figure out, as they didn't all seem important. Luckily for us, the Ultimania provided in-depth details for the choices in Chapter 9 and how they changed things. Each choice is assigned a point value for Madam M or Sam and depending on your choices you get one or the other's side quest route. This is essential in completing all 26 Odd Jobs and obtaining the Best in the Business trophy, so click the link below to get a list of each choice and their point values as well as all every other choice that can be made!

Dialogue Choices and Consequences

How Affection Works

On top of dialogue choices, the affection system from the original game made a return as well. While initially believed to be related to the choices you make throughout the game, in actuality it's much simpler. To increase affection with Tifa or Aerith you simply need to do a certain amount of Odd Jobs in Chapters 3 and 8, or none at all if Barret's your guy. Head on over to our guide on increasing affection for more details by clicking the link below!

How to Increase Affection

In-Depth Battle System Information


Outside of interviews and easter eggs, the Ultimania also provided us with a lot of more detailed information regarding the battle system.

Critical Hit Formula

Detailed in the article below, we found out the parameters involved in dealing critical hits. The main formula comes out to:

(Luck Stat/512) ✖️Weapon Skill Modifier
(i.e if the skill is 10% up, the modifier is 1.1x)

Our article on critical hits includes more detail including how the damage is calculated as well so give it a read!

How Do Critical Hits Work?

More ATB Gauge Details

The Ultimania also revealed hidden values attached to the ATB and Limit Gauges. While this may seem unimportant with skills always consuming 1 or 2 whole bars, the amount of ATB a character starts with in battle was given more detail, seen in the table below.

First Strike Level Starting ATB Amount
Normal Whistlewind Scarf
Unequipped 0-500 500
1 750-1000 1000
2 1000-1250 1250
3 1250-2000 1750-2000*

There was also confirmation on the variety of ways that the gauge can be filled, so check the link below to find out more!

Understanding the ATB Gauge

Stunning Enemies

Another battle system tidbit comes in the form of stunning and interrupting enemies. While not shown in the game, every ability has a stun attack stat and every character and enemy has a stun defense stat that controls whether or not whatever action is being performed will be stopped and the target momentarily stunned, with the formula listed below.

Attack's Stun Power > Target's Stun Defense

For players wondering why their healing spells are sometimes cancelled, this is the cause!

How Does Stunning Work? | Enemy Interruption

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