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This is a guide to to the October 2021 rerun of the Turbo Duel Grand Prix event in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn how to participate in Turbo Duels, and obtain the different gifts and rewards available during the event.

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This is a guide to to the Turbo Duel Grand Prix event in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn how to participate in the raid, and obtain the different gifts and rewards available during the event.

About Turbo Duel Grand Prix

The Turbo Duel Grand Prix is part of a series of occasional event that provides and rewards players to Duel against other players from all across the globe! In this unique instance, however, all Duells will be run under a fan-favorite mechanic usually exclusive only to events: Turbo Dueling!

Turbo Duel Grand Prix - Event Schedule

Campaign Schedule
10/13 (Wed) 7:30 AM UTC ~ 10/21 (Thur) 4:59 AM UTC

How To Play Turbo Duel Grand Prix

PvP matchmaking.PNG

For this event, particpation will lock you onto 5D's characters only, and all Duels for this event will be strictly PvP matches. As also mentioned, Duels under this event will be played under Turbo Duel rules.

Your Icon and your opponents will be based on your performance, but your starting placement will be based on your performance for the past 5 Seasons of Ranked Duels, as well as your placement during the most recent KC Cup.

An additional thing to note is that wins during the Turbo Duel Grand Prix count for collective Ranked wins, thus adding to the rewards for each win.

Turbo Duel Mechanics

PvP Turbo Duels.PNG

Turbo Duels play like a regular Duel, but there is a Speed Counter to take note of. Speed Counters are gained (up to a maximum of 12) whenever the following conditions are met:

Speed Counter Condition
+1 ~ +3 At the beginning of each Standby Phase
Bonus will increase by 1 each turn (max. 3)
+1 When you Normal Summon a Monster.
Special Summons and Flip Summons are not included.
+1 When you Synchro Summon a Monster

Gaining them will be extremely valuable, as you can spend your Speed Counters to activate the EX Skill Speed Spell , which is exclusive only to Turbo Duels in this event. This is completely separate to your character's equipped skill, so you are able to use both the equipped Skill and the EX Skill at the same time.

You can also activate each effect once per turn if you have enough Speed Counters to spend.

For this event, a select number of characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's has their own set of Speed Spells! Make sure to take into account each of ther abilities before jumping into a match!

Yusei Fudo: Yusei Go

Yusei Go.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
4 Increase the ATK of all monsters you control by 200.
6 Select 1 Level 4 or lower monster in your hand that can be Normal Summoned. Play that selected monster.
8 Draw 2 cards, then send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard.
10 Add 1 Tuner Monster to your hand from your Deck.

Crow Hogan: Blackbird


Counter Cost Effect
3 Increase the ATK of 1 monster you control until the end of the turn by the number of your opponent's Speed Counters x100.
6 Select 1 monster you control. It is treated as a Tuner Monster as long as it remains face-up on the field.
6 Choose 1 Tuner Monster in your hand that can be Normal Summoned and play it.
10 Draw 2 cards.

Jack Atlas: Phoenix Whirlwind

Phoenix Whirlwind.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
5 All monsters you control gain 400 ATK until the end of the turn.
7 Draw 1 card.
8 All monsters you control gain 1000 ATK until the end of the turn.
12 Destroy 1 face-up monster your opponent controls.

Akiza Izinski: Bloody Kiss

Bloody Kiss.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
4 Select 1 monster you control. It will be able to deal piercing damage until the end of the turn.
4 Until the End Phase, halve the DEF of all monsters your opponent controls.
4 Change the battle position of a monster your opponent controls.
4 Select 1 monster you control. Until the end of the turn, it can attack each monster your opponent controls one time.

Tetsu Trudge: Sector Security Duel Runner

Sector Security Duel Runner.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
3 View 1 face-down card on your opponent's side of the field.
4 During your opponent's turn, your opponent can only gain Speed Counters up to 3 times.
4 Play 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyartd that was destroyed by battle and can be Normal Summoned/Set. This monster will be sent to your opponent's Graveyard at the end of the turn.
8 Neither player can banish cards in the Graveyards no Special Summon monsters from the Graveyards until the end of your opponent's next turn.

Dark Signer Kalin Kessler: Giganto L

Giganto L.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
3 or more Increase the ATK of 1 monster you control until the end of the turn by the number of Speed Counters removed x 100. If you remove 10 or more Speed Counters, increase its ATK by 2000 instead.
3 or more If you do not control a Field Spell, activate Yami. If you remove 5 or more Speed Counters, activate Earthbound Geoglyph instead of Yami.
3 or more Return 1 "Earthbound Immortal" monster from your Graveyard to your hand. If you remove 10 or more Speed Counters, you can play the card instead of returning it to your hand.
3 or more Send 1 "Earthbound Immortal" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. If you remove 5 or more Speed Counters, you can add the card to your hand instead of sending it to your Graveyard.

Antinomy: Delta Eagle

Delta Eagle.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
3 1 Synchro Monster you control will become a Tuner Monster until the end of the turn.
5 Play 1 Tuner Synchro Monster in Defense Position from your Graveyard.
7 Play 1 Level 2 or lower Synchro Monster in Defense Position from your Extra Deck.
9 Play 1 Synchro Monster that uses a Synchro Monster as its Synchro Material from your Graveyard.

Leo: Duel Board

Duel Board.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
2 Change the battle position of 1 face-up monster that was Normal Summoned on your field.
3 Add 1 Equip Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.
4 Return 1 Equip Spell Card from your hand to the bottom of your Deck and draw 1 Card.
7 Send 1 Level 7 Machine-type Synchro monster on your field to the Graveyard. Play 1 Dragon-type Synchro monster from your Extra Deck that has the same Attribute as the monster sent to the Graveyard.

Primo: Terrible Omen

Terrible Omen.PNG

Counter Cost Effect
3 Play 1 Level 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyard in Defense Position on your field. If your opponent has a Synchro Monster in their Graveyard, you can also play 1 Synchro Monster in Defense Position on your opponent's field.
4 Play 1 Level 1 monster in your hand that can be Normal Summoned in Defense Position. If your opponent controls a Synchro Monster, you can play 1 "Meklord Emperor" monster in Attack Position on your field instead.
6 Select 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyard and banish it. If your opponent has a Synchro Monster in the Graveyard, that card will vanish instead of being banished.
9 Look at your opponent's Extra Deck. If your opponent has a Synchro Monster in their Extra Deck, select 1 Synchro Monster among them and send them to the Graveyard.

NOTE: When you select Terrible Omen as your Duel Runner, Speed Counters will not increase even when you Synchro Summon. However, you will gain 3 Speed Counters every time your opponent Synchro Summons. This effect can only take place once per turn.

Lottery Coin Bonus

Lottery Coin Bonus.PNG

On occasion, you will be able to earn a multiplier in your Lottery Coin earnings on your next Duel Win. Keep on Dueling to constantly get a chance to have these multipliers, which can go as high up as five times the reward!

Turbo Duel Grand Prix - Deck Watch

While this may be a 5D's-centric event, expect Decks that are normally not run with specific players or specific themes (specifially Synchro Summons) solely because of the event's PvP nature. Keep an eye out for these Decks that have been noted to appear frequently during Ranked matches.

Shooting Star Dragon

Deck Detail
Shooting Star Dragon Shooting Star Dragon
Rating: 44 /50
This deck has a wide variety of combinations to play around in terms of boss monsters, depending on the situation at hand. It revolves around Junk Synchron and the Shooting Star Road skill, opening the chance to Synchro Summon powerful monsters like Junk Archer, Junk Berserker and the titular Shooting Star Dragon as early as the first turn.

Blue-Eyes Lightsworn

Deck Detail
Blue-Eyes Lightsworn Blue-Eyes Lightsworn
Rating: 45 /50
The deck combines the sheer force of power seen from the Blue-Eyes decks, and the milling and searching prowess of the Lightsworn archtypes. It is a time bomb for both the user and the opponent; a powerfu deck that can last a short duel.

Red Nova Resonators

Deck Detail
Red Nova Resonators Red Nova Resonators
Rating: 47 /50
Getting Red Dragon Archfiend out to go for Red Nova Dragon is the Deck's gameplan. Going for an OTK via an unhindered direct attack is the main win condition, but there are other Synchro Monsters and Spell Cards to surprise the opponent with forms of control.


Deck Detail
Melodious Melodious
Rating: 45 /50
An unorthodox Fusion-based archetype that managed to get a massive boost thanks to the new wave of cards, Melodious Decks will have great control over the battlefield, especially in battle against Special Summoned monsters.


Deck Detail
Harpies Harpies
Rating: 44 /50
You want to try and put out your Cyber Slash Harpie Lady as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, swarm the field with Harpie monsters. The Harpies themselves are a strong enough win condition that you don't need to focus on winning with your boss monster.


Deck Detail
Blue-Eyes Blue-Eyes
Rating: 45 /50
Blue Eyes is an agressive Deck that constantly places powerful monsters on the field to overwhelm your opponent.

Gimmick Puppet

Deck Detail
Gimmick Puppet Gimmick Puppet
Rating: 42 /50
Gimmick Puppets have control over the field through various Xyz Summonings, especial "Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder" that has the ability of destroying Special Summoned monsters.

Masked HEROs

Deck Detail
Masked HEROs Masked HEROs
Rating: 42 /50
This Fusion Deck allows you to quickly summon different Masked HERO monsters that you can use to Fusion Summon from your Extra Deck.


Deck Detail
Chronomaly Chronomaly
Rating: 43 /50
Chronomaly focuses on the ability to Xyz Summon with ease through the ability to Special Summon its monsters one after another, and being able to match their levels through its effects. Rank 5 and Rank 6 monsters will be very much welcome in this archtype.

Gaia the Fierce Knight

Deck Detail
Galloping Gaia Galloping Gaia
Rating: 41 /50
Gaia can rush the field with very strong monsters without tributes, and has enough support to bring out powerful Fusion Monsters that can be summoned without the need of Polymerization.


Deck Detail
Yosenju Yosenju
Rating: 43 /50
All-out offense in one turn, get out of dodge literally moments later. The Yosenjus are known for their ability to constantly go in and out of the field, sometimes swarming the field to overwhelm the opponent. Not to mention, their focus on Level 4 monsters makes them prime candidates to have potent Rank 4 Xyz Monsters on the field at any given moment.

Six Samurais

Deck Detail
Six Samurais Six Samurais
Rating: 35 /50
Six Samurai Decks swarm the field with several aggressive cards that synergize well with each other.


Deck Detail
D/D/D Kings D/D/D Kings
Rating: 41 /50
A Deck that specializes in swarming the field with consecutive Special Summons to control the field, D/D uses nearly all the ways to Special Summon and is a great test to see how familiar a player is with each of them.

Turbo Duel Grand Prix - Gifts and Rewards

New Cards

Card Effect
Dark Strike Fighter.PNGDark Strike Fighter 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
During your Main Phase 1: You can Tribute 1 monster; inflict damage to your opponent equal to the Tributed monster's Level on the field x 200. You can only use this effect of "Dark Strike Fighter" once per turn.
Absurd Stealer.PNGAbsurd Stealer When this card is Normal Summoned, select 1 face-up Attack Position Level 4 or lower monster your opponent controls. The ATK of that monster is halved and this card's ATK becomes equal to the DEF of the selected monster until the End Phase.

Other Recommended Rewards

Other Possible Card Rewards
Junk Gardna Icon.PNGJunk Gardna Tomato in Tomato Icon.jpgTomato in Tomato
Archfiend Interceptor Icon.jpgArchfiend Interceptor Hook the Hidden Knight Icon.PNGHook the Hidden Knight

Grade-up Rewards

Every time you go up a Grade, you will be rewarded! The amount of Lottery Coints you can receive will also increase the higher your Grade is. Good luck, Duelists!

New Grade Reward Received
Beginner 2
Gems.png Gems x20
Beginner 1 TDGP Card Sleeve #7.pngCard Sleeve: TDGP #7
Standard 5
Gems.png Gems x50
Standard 4
Gems.png Gems x30
Standard 3
Skill Chip.png Skill Chip x7
Standard 2
Gems.png Gems x30
Standard 1 TDGP Game Mat #7.pngGame Mat: TDGP #7
Elite 5
Gems.png Gems x80
Elite 4
Gems.png Gems x40
Elite 3
Skill Chip.png Skill Chip x8
Elite 2
Gems.png Gems x50
Elite 1 TDGP #7 Icon.PNGEvent Icon
Master 7
Gems.png Gems x80
Master 6
Gems.png Gems x50
Master 5
Skill Chip.png Skill Chip x10
Master 4
Gems.png Gems x60
Master 3
Skill Chip.png Skill Chip x10
Master 2
Gems.png Gems x60
Master 1 Event Completed.pngTDGP #7 Master 1 Player


This event runs on a lottery system, meaning you can possibly infinitely farm materials so long as you can keep earning Lottery coins! Keep Dueling and winning to get more chances to roll the lottery!

Junk Gardna Icon.PNG Dark Strike Fighter Icon.PNG Absurd Stealer Icon.PNG Tomato in Tomato Icon.jpg
Hook the Hidden Knight Icon.PNG Archfiend Interceptor Icon.jpg Dragonic Guard.PNG Dragoncarnation Icon.JPG
Hydro Pressure Cannon Icon.jpg Lord Poison.PNG Dice Re-Roll Icon.png Lightning Conger.png
Tripwire Beast.png Dark Prisoner.png Hitodenchak.png Pharaoh
UR Jewel.png SR Jewel.png EX Jewel (Turbo Duel Grand Prix).PNG Gems.png
Gold.png White Gate Key.png Black Gate Key.png Red Gate Key.png
Green Gate Key.png Blue Gate Key.png

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