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This page contains information on the latest news and updates in the upcoming World to be added to Duel Links, ARC-V! Read on to learn about the most recent developments to the newest additions and changes to the game!

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This page contains the latest news and updates about the new World added in Duel Links, ARC-V! Read on to learn about the most recent developments to the newest additions and changes to the game!

ARC-V - Introduction


ARC-V is the sixth overall World to be added to Duel Links, featuring cards and characters introduced in the titular anime and manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

A fan-favorite among the series' versions, ARC-V was the celebration of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s history as a whole as the fifth official generation of the card game, and brought back a number of characters from previous worlds for its anime and manga--like Alexis Rhodes and Aster Phoenix from GX, Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan from 5D's, and Kite Tenjo from ZEXAL.

It also introduced the much-talked about mechanic, and dedicated archtypes, added to the OCG, TCG, and now to Duel Links: Pendulum Summoning.

ARC-V - Release Date

Release Date September 28, 2021

ARC-V - Update Timetable

Date Official Announcement
2021/07/20 Yu-Gi-Oh! Digital Next announces ARC-V World to be released in Duel Links within 2021
2021/08/25 Duel Links New World Announcement.PNGUpdate announces a brand new world will arrive in Duel Links in late September.
2021/09/22 Version 6.0 Update.PNGVersion 6.0.0 is confirmed to be coming on September 28, 2021.
2021/09/24 Version 6.0 ARC-V World Confirmation & Pendulum Summon.PNGDuel Links confirms in-game that Version 6.0.0 will contain the ARC-V World, and will introduce the next mechanic into the game: Pendulum Summoning!
2021/09/28 Duel Links Version 6.0.0, and the ARC-V World, is released.
2021/10/18 The first unlockable character of ARC-V is announced in an upcoming event:
Declan Akaba.

ARC-V - Brand New Characters

The following are the confirmed characters to be available in the ARC-V World trailer linked within the game! The trailer is accessible from the Notifications tab within the Duel Links game itself, or from the official JP or EN YouTube channels of the official trading card game.

Yuya Sakaki

Yuya Sakaki.jpg

The main protagonist of ARC-V, and an aspiring Duelist wanting to become a Dueltainer. Within ARC-V, he is the first Duelist in the world to harness the power of Pendulum Summoning. His ace card is Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, which is part of the brand-new Pendulum Monsters.

Yuya Sakaki Character Guide

Zuzu Boyle

Zuzu Boyle.jpg

A childhood friend, classmate and voice of reason to Yuya Sakaki, she is the straight act to Yuya's comedic tendencies. Zuzu's ace card is is the Fusion Monster: Bloom Diva, the Melodious Choir.

Zuzu Boyle Character Guide

Gong Strong

Gong Strong.jpg

An old friend of Yuya, he studies the Heavystrong style of Dueling where Spells, Traps and even Action Cards are off the table whenever Dueling. Gong's ace card is Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei.

Gong Strong Character Guide

Sylvio Sawatari

Sylvio Sawatari.jpg

After losing to Yuya in a Duel, Sylvio becomes a self-professed rival of the Dueltainer aspirant. His ace monster is Abyss Actor - Superstar, which is part of the brand-new Pendulum Monsters.

Sylvio Sawatari Character Guide

Declan Akaba

ARC-V - Declan Akaba.png

The CEO of the Leo Corporation, and the youngest Duelist to be in the professional circuit at age 15. He commands all four types of Extra Deck summonings: Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum.

Declan Akaba Character Guide

ARC-V - Pendulum Summoning

Pendulum Summon (Trailer).png

The ARC-V World also brought along a brand-new way to Special Summon, and further change how the game is played: Pendulum Summoning!

This is going to be a central theme with the introduction of ARC-V, so read up on our tutorial on Pendulum Summoning and Pendulum Monsters here!

Pendulum Summoning Tutorial

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