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This is a guide to the Kaiba Corporation Cup in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn how to participate in the KC Cup, rise through the ranks, and obtain the different rewards.

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This is a guide to the Kaiba Corporation Cup in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn how to participate in the KC Cup, rise through the ranks, and obtain the different rewards.

About the KC Cup

KC Cup Banner April 2021.jpg

The Kaiba Corporation Cup or KC Cup is a recurring PvP event where Duelists from all around the world compete against each other to increase their ranks and earn special rewards. The event also offers players the opportunity to be invited to the KC Grand Tournament, a major Duel Links competitive event.

Event Schedule

Stage Schedule
1st Stage 4/6 (Tues) ~ 4/19 (Mon)
2nd Stage 4/16 (Fri) ~ 4/19 (Mon)

How to Play

First Stage

Screenshot_20210407-103438_Duel Links.jpg

The goal of the first stage of the KC Cup is to increase your rank by participating in PvP Duels so you can qualify for the second stage. Winning Duels increases your rank while losing Duels decreases it. Ranks in the first stage of the KC Cup are called DLvs. The maximum level you can achieve and the level you need to qualify for the second stage is DLv. 20.

Starting DLv.

Screenshot_20210407-122459_Duel Links.jpg

Your starting DLv. will depend on your rank in Ranked Duels Season 62. The higher your Ranked Duels rank, the higher your starting DLv. will be. However, if you have reached the King of Games rank in Season 62, you can proceed directly to the second stage.

Ranked Duels Rank DLv.
Silver Rank 3
Gold Rank 5
Platinum Rank 7
Legend Rank 10

Second Stage

KC Cup DP.jpg

Once you reach DLv. 20, you can begin your second stage on or after April 16 at 5:00 AM UTC. During the second stage, your goal is to accumulate the most amount of DP possible by participating in PvP Duels. Similar to the first stage, you will earn DP by winning, but you will lose DP by losing.

KC Grand Tournament

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 12.33.23 PM.png

The KC Grand Tournament is a large-scale online competitive event held by Konami that was meant to substitute for the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship since 2020.

After the KC Cup has ended, only players who have reached the top 500 of the KC Cup 2nd Stage Regional Rankings will have the chance to participate in the KC GT 2021 Preliminary Tournament Qualifiers. Meanwhile, the first place player in the 2nd Stage Global Ranking can move on directly to the KC GT 2021 Main Tournament Championship.

Gifts and Rewards

Event Exclusive Rewards

Customization Items
KC Cup 2021 Card Sleeves.jpgEnlarge KC Cup 2021 Limited Edition Card Sleeves KC Cup 2021 Game Mat.jpgEnlarge KC Cup 2021 Limited Edition Game Mat

KC Cup Challenge Stamp Rewards

Duel 3 times Gems.png40 Gems
Duel 4 times Gold.png5000 Gold
Duel 5 times Gems.png50 Gems
Duel 6 times Skill Chip.png5 Skill Chips
Duel 7 times Gems.png100 Gems

Mission Rewards

All Mission Rewards can be received once per day. Surrenders are not counted in all Missions.

Event Mission Reward
Play 1 Duel in the KC Cup Gems.png10 Gems
Play 2 Duels in the KC Cup Gems.png15 Gems
Play 3 Duels in the KC Cup Gems.png25 Gems
Play 4 Duels in the KC Cup KC Cup EX Jewel.png100 EX Jewels

Special Packs

KC Cup Special Packs.jpg

EX Jewels that you receive during this event can be used at the Trader EX to exchange with Special Packs.

DLv. Up Rewards

DLv. Reward
Gems.png 30 Gems
Gems.png 40 Gems
Skill Chip.png 10 Skill Chips
Gems.png 50 Gems
R Ticket (Glossy).png KC Cup R Ticket (Glossy)
Gems.png 60 Gems
Skill Chip.png 10 Skill Chips
Gems.png 70 Gems
Gems.png 90 Gems
Skill Chip.png 10 Skill Chips
Gems.png 100 Gems
SR Jewel.png 2 SR Jewels
Gems.png 110 Gems
SR Ticket (Glossy).png KC Cup SR Ticket (Glossy)
Gems.png 120 Gems
Skill Chip.png 10 Skill Chips
Gems.png 130 Gems
UR Jewel.png UR Jewel
Gems.png 150 Gems

Second Stage Ranking Rewards

Special Reward

First Place 2nd Stage Global Ranking Reward
KC Cup Invitation.pngKC GT 2021 Main Tournament Championship Invitation


Possible Icon Rewards
KC Cup April 2021 Gold Icon.pngKC Cup April 2021 Gold Icon KC Cup April 2021 Silver Icon.pngKC Cup April 2021 Silver Icon KC Cup April 2021 Bronze Icon.pngKC Cup April 2021 Bronze Icon


Possible Ticket Rewards
UR Ticket (Prismatic).pngKC Cup UR Ticket (Prismatic) SR Ticket (Prismatic).pngKC Cup SR Ticket (Prismatic) R Ticket (Glossy).pngKC Cup R Ticket (Glossy)

Other Rewards

Other Possible Rewards

Cumulative Rewards

The KC Cup and Ranked Duels have shared cumulative rewards and will be counted together. Check out our Ranked Duels Guide to see the complete list of cumulative rewards and how to get them.

Ranked Duels Guide - Season 63

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