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This page contains information on the latest news and updates in the game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the newest events and campaigns as well as how to participate!

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New Major Event - Kaiba Corporation Cup HOT
New Season of Ranked Duels - Season 63

Recently Released BOXes and Structure Decks:
Sign of Harpies Mini Box

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This page contains information on the latest news and updates in the game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the newest events and campaigns as well as how to participate!

Game Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Icon.jpg There are currently no scheduled game maintenance.

Mission Circuit

Mission Circuit Banner April 2021.jpg

Mission Circuit is an event in the game where you can earn points by completing several missions. For every 100 points you earn, your Duel Runner will progress by one lap. By completing a certain number of laps, you can obtain different Treasure Box Rewards and Lap Rewards.

Mission Circuit April 2021.jpg

Event Schedule

Event Schedule
4/14 (Wed) 5:00 AM UTC ~ 4/21 (Wed) 4:59 AM UTC

Gifts and Rewards

New Card Rewards

Laps Card Reward
125 Hero Ring Icon.jpgHero Ring

Other Card Rewards

Laps Card Reward
20 Kaminari Attack.pngKaminari Attack
40 Gladiator Taming Icon.pngGladiator Taming
60 Beast Burial Ritual.pngBeast Burial Ritual
80 Tlakalel His Malevolent Majesty.pngTlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty

EXP x1.5 Campaign

EXP x1.5 Campaign Banner.jpg

During this campaign, all experience received by the player from Duels will be multiplied by 1.5. You can use this campaign to increase the level of some of your characters and earn their Level-Up Rewards.

Event Schedule

Campaign Schedule
4/14 (Wed) 5:00 AM UTC ~ 4/21 (Wed) 4:59 AM UTC

Pick-a-Gift Campaign!

Pick-a-Gift Campaign Banner Blue.jpg

During this campaign, you can select one of three gift to receive once a day. You must log in for at least eight days to complete the campaign and recieve the most possible rewards.

Event Schedule

Campaign Schedule
Until 4/22 (Thurs) 2:59 PM UTC

Gifts and Rewards

Day Reward Choices
1 Gems.png50 Gems Skill Chip.png3 Skill Chips Gate Key.png2000 Gate Keys
2 R Jewel.png200 R Jewels Cyber Gymnast.PNGCyber Gymnast R Ticket.jpgR Ticket
3 Gold.png10000 Gold Xyz-Raypierce Icon.jpgXyz-Raypierce Extra Life.pngExtra Life
4 Gems.png20 Gems Gold.png10000 Gold EXP Booster.pngEXP Booster
5 SR Jewel.png2 SR Jewels Paralyzing Potion Icon.jpgParalyzing Potion Results Booster.pngResults Booster
6 Gems.png30 Gems Don Zaloog Icon.jpgDon Zaloog Gate Key.png2000 Gate Keys
7 Gems.png50 Gems Skill Chip.png3 Skill Chips Extra Card.pngExtra Card
8 SR Ticket.pngSR Ticket SR Ticket.pngSR Ticket SR Ticket.pngSR Ticket

KC Cup Celebration BOX Sale!

KC Cup Sale Banner.jpg

In celebration of the current KC Cup, all Main BOXes and Mini BOXes are currently on sale in the Shop. The Deal includes a guaranteed number of SR Cards or Gems with certain purchases.

KC Cup Sale Deals.jpg

Event Schedule

Sale Schedule
4/9 (Fri) 5:00 AM UTC ~ 4/16 (Fri) 4:59 AM UTC

Kaiba Corporation Cup

KC Cup Banner April 2021.jpg

Duel against other players around the world in the KC Cup to rise through the ranks and earn exclusive rewards along the way. By being one of the top players in this event, you may also receive the opportunity to join the KC Grand Tournament 2021.

KC Cup Event Guide

Event Schedule

Stage Schedule
1st Stage 4/6 (Tues) ~ 4/19 (Mon)
2nd Stage 4/16 (Fri) ~ 4/19 (Mon)

Gifts and Rewards

Event Exclusive Rewards
KC Cup 2021 Card Sleeves.jpgKC Cup 2021 Limited Edition Card Sleeves KC Cup 2021 Game Mat.jpgKC Cup 2021 Limited Edidtion Game Mat

KC Cup Celebration! Structure Deck Sale!

KC Cup Structure Deck Sale.jpg

In celebration of the KC Cup, all Structure Decks in the shop will be available at a discounted price. Regular Structure Decks have no purchase limit, but with Structure Decks EX, you are limited to purchasing only one Deck at the discounted price.

Event Schedule

Campaign Schedule
4/6 (Tues) 8:00 AM UTC ~ 4/19 (Mon) 4:59 AM UTC

Ranked Duels: Season 63

Ranked Duels Banner Large.jpg

With the start of a new month comes a new season of Ranked Duels. This gives new opportunities for all players to rise the ranks and earn amazing rewards. A new set of cards have also been made available through Ranked Duel Tickets.

Ranked Duels Guide - Season 63

Event Schedule

Event Schedule
4/1 (Thurs) ~ 5/1 (Sat)

Gifts and Rewards

New Ranked Duel Ticket Rewards
Legacy Hunter Icon.jpgLegacy Hunter Venom Burn Icon.jpgVenom Burn
Old Cards Added to Ranked Duels
Elemental HERO Chaos Neos.pngElemental HERO Chaos Neos Phantom Beast Wild-Horn.pngPhantom Beast Wild-Horn Harpies Feather Rest Icon.jpgHarpie's Feather Rest The PortraitThe Portrait's Secret

Because a new season of Ranked Duels has begun, all Ranked Duel Tickets from the month of February have now expired. This month is also the last time you can use the tickets you have earned last March.

Starter Set: 'Raigeki Break' is here!

Raigeki Break Bundle Banner.jpg

A new Bundle is now available in the Duel Links Shop. By purchasing the new Bundle, you get 10 Packs from the most recently released BOX along with a guaranteed copy of Raigeki Break and an exclusive Game Mat.

Bundle Contents
Raigeki Break.pngRaigeki Break Raigeki Break Game Mat.jpgGame Mat: Raigeki Break Rainbow Pack.png10 Packs from the Newest BOX

Trader's Inventory Updated

A card that was previously only obtainable via Mai Valentine in her Starter Deck and as a Level-Up Reward has been added to the Card Trader's Inventory. Make sure to regularly check the cards available in stock to obtain this card.

Newly Added Card
Harpie Lady Sisters.png Harpie Lady Sisters

See All Currenly Available Cards

Train Your Kuriboh!

Train Your Kuriboh Banner.jpg

Train Your Kuriboh! is an event where you can earn rewards by raising your Kuriboh's points meter. You can gain points by participating in different Duels, but you can only increase your points once per day.

Event Schedule

Campaign Schedule
3/24 (Wed) 6:00 PM UTC ~ 4/24 (Sat) 5:59 PM UTC

Points System

Train Your Kuriboh Points.jpg

The type of Duel determines the number of points you earn. Because Ranked Duels earn you the most points and since you can only increase your points once per day, we recommend participating in these Duels for this event.

Duel Type Points
Ranked Duels 300
Casual Duels 100
Duel World Duels 100

Gifts and Rewards

Train Your Kuriboh Rewards.jpg

After reaching a certain number of points, your Kuriboh will change its form. It can change its form up to five times and each time it does, you are given a reward.

Monster Form Required Points Reward
Kuriboh 100 R Ticket.jpgR Ticket
Kuribandit 700 Rainbow Pack.pngRainbow Pack
Sphere Kuriboh 1300
SR Ticket.pngUR Ticket.png
SR or UR Ticket
Relinkuriboh 1400
SR Ticket (Glossy).pngUR Ticket (Glossy).png
SR or UR Glossy Ticket
Kuribohrn 2500
SR Ticket (Prismatic).pngUR Ticket (Prismatic).png
SR or UR Prismatic Ticket

4th Anniversary Campaign

4th Anniversary Campaign Large Banner.png

This campaign was launched to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. During this time, the game gives out free bonus rewards to players for logging in.

Event Schedule

Campaign Schedule
1/12/2021 ~ 1/11/2022

Log-in Bonus

4th Anniversary Campaign Banner.jpg

Log-in Bonus Rewards
Gems.png1000 Gems Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.pngBlue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon (Legend) Blue-Eyes White Dragon.pngBlue-Eyes White Dragon (Legend)
Skill Ticket.png Skill Ticket 4th Anniversary Card Sleeve.pngCard Sleeves: 4-Year Anniversary 4th Anniversary Game Mat.pngGame Mat: 4-Year Anniversary

Bonus Stamps

Day Reward
1 UR Ticket (Prismatic).pngUR Ticket (Prismatic)
2 UR Dream Ticket (Glossy).pngUR Dream Ticket (Glossy)
3 SR Ticket (Prismatic).pngSR Ticket (Prismatic)
4 SR Dream Ticket (Glossy).pngSR Dream Ticket (Glossy)
5 UR Ticket (Glossy).pngUR Ticket (Glossy)
6 SR Ticket (Glossy).pngSR Ticket (Glossy)
7 UR Ticket.pngUR Ticket
8 SR Ticket.pngSR Ticket

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