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This is a guide for building an Amazoness Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Learn which cards are needed to build this Deck, how to play the Amazoness, as well as counters, and more!

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This is a guide for building an Amazoness Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Learn which cards are needed to build this Deck, how to play the Amazoness, as well as counters, and more!

Amazoness Deck Information

Amazoness Basic Information

Rating Core Card
One Kill
Amazoness Onslaught.pngAmazoness Onslaught


  • Versatile playstyle.
  • Great engine cards makes it easy to play.
  • Strong comeback potential.

Deck Concept

This deck revolves around using cards such as Amazoness Princess as an engine to search for Amazoness Onslaught in order to flood the board with Amazoness Monsters.

Boxes and Structure Decks Needed

Box/Structure Deck Image Box/Structure Deck Name
Generation Next Generation Next
Generation Next Generation Next
Valiant Souls Valiant Souls
Servants of Kings Servants of Kings
Dragunity Overdrive Dragunity Overdrive

Amazoness Deck Build


Character Skill
OdionOdion Endless Trap Hell
Can be used when you have 3 or more Trap Cards in the Graveyard. Randomly add 1 Trap Card from your Graveyard to your hand. Then, return all other Trap Cards in your Graveyard to your Deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

Main Deck

Card Name Copies
Amazoness PrincessEnlarge Amazoness Princess x3
Amazoness Swords WomanEnlarge Amazoness Swords Woman x2
Amazoness TigerEnlarge Amazoness Tiger x1
Amazoness QueenEnlarge Amazoness Queen x1
Lava GolemEnlarge Lava Golem x1
Wall of DisruptionEnlarge Wall of Disruption x3
World Legacy ClashEnlarge Treacherous Trap Hole x3
Paleozoic CanadiaEnlarge Paleozoic Canadia x3
Bad AimEnlarge Bad Aim x1
Darklord ContactEnlarge Amazoness Onslaught x1
Amazoness WillpowerEnlarge Amazoness Willpower x1

Extra Deck

There are no cards available in this section.

Card Alternatives

Amazoness SageAmazoness Sage Forbidden ChaliceForbidden Chalice Donpa Marksman Fur HireCosmic Cyclone

How to Play Amazoness

Main Combo

Amazoness Queen.png

1. Normal Summon Amazoness Princess and use it's effect to Special Summon either Amazoness Queen or Amazoness TIger
2. The effect of the summoned card will protect your Amazoness Princess giving you ample time to search through your deck.
3. Once you find your Amazoness Onslaught, play it as soon as possible to try and finish the duel.

Counters for Amazoness


  • Got hit hard by the banlist a couple of years ago.
  • A lot of clunky hands
  • Can be inconsistent at times due to the limit of some of the cards.

Attack Early

Never let an Amazoness deck start searching and cycling through their deck. Pressure early by filling your side of the field with monsters.

Prepare Spell and Trap Removal

Amazoness Onslaught is a strong card, make sure you have the right tools to answer if it hits the field.

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Deck Types

Control Beatdown Burn
Deck Destruction Special Victory

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