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This is a guide for building a Triamid Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Learn which cards are needed to build this Deck, how to play the Triamid, as well as counters, and more!

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This is a guide for building a Triamid Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Learn which cards are needed to build this Deck, how to play the Triamids, as well as counters, and more!

Triamid Deck Information

Triamid Basic Information

Rating Core Card
One Kill
Core CardTriamid Sphinx


  • Versatile Deck that can adjust to different situations.
  • Engaging and strategic gameplay.
  • Only requires a few Boxes.

Deck Concept

Triamid Decks involve a heavy use of Field Spells to support the different Triamid cards used in the Deck. The effects of the different Triamid monsters allow you to replace and recycle your different Field Spells, while the Field Spells allow you to search and summon other Triamid monsters.

Boxes and Structure Decks Needed

Box/Structure Deck Image Box/Structure Deck Name
Valiant Souls Valiant Souls
Visions of Ice Visions of Ice
Guardians of Rock Guardians of Rock
Arena of Sanctuary Arena of Sanctuary

Triamid Deck Build


Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your Deck.

Main Deck

Card Name Copies
Triamid MasterEnlarge Triamid Master x3
Triamid HunterEnlarge Triamid Hunter x3
Triamid DancerEnlarge Triamid Dancer x2
Triamid SphinxEnlarge Triamid Sphinx x1
Triamid CruiserEnlarge Triamid Cruiser x3
Triamid FortressEnlarge Triamid Fortress x3
Triamid KingolemEnlarge Triamid Kingolem x3
World Legacy ClashEnlarge Treacherous Trap Hole x2
Paleozoic CanadiaEnlarge Paleozoic Canadia x2
Triamid PulseEnlarge Triamid Pulse x2

Extra Deck

Extra Deck cards are not required for this Deck.

Card Alternatives

Trishula the Dragon of Icy ImprisonmentTrishula, the Dragon of Icy Imprisonment Mirror WallMirror Wall Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap Hole
Needle CeilingNeedle Ceiling Fiendish ChainFiendish Chain Number 47 Nightmare SharkNumber 47: Nightmare Shark

How to Play Triamids

Main Combo

Triamid Kingolem.png

1. Activate Triamid Kingolem to increase the ATK of the monsters you will summon.
2. Normal Summon Triamid Hunter and activate its effect to Normal Summon Triamid Master
3. When your opponent declares an attack, replace Triamid Kingolem with Triamid Cruiser using the effect of one of your Triamid monsters.
4. With the effect of the other Triamid monster, replace Triamid Cruiser with Triamid Kingolem.
5. Because Triamid Cruiser was sent to the Graveyard, you can add Triamid Sphinx to your hand.
6. Allow your opponent to proceed with his attack and destroy one of your Triamid monsters.
7. Special Summon Triamid Sphinx by its own effect (It will now have a total of 4000 ATK on the field).
8. With Triamid Sphinx on the field, it is safe to summon Triamid Dancer.
9. Use the effect of Triamid Dancer to return cards from the Graveyard to your Deck.

Counters for Triamids


  • More complex strategy than other Decks.
  • Very challenging and not suitable for beginners.
  • Duels with this Deck may last longer than most.

Negate their Field Spells

Triamid Decks are dependent on their many Field Spells to perform all of their combos. Effects that can negate their Field Spells or even prevent them from destroying their Field Spells can disrupt their entire gameplan.

Be Quick and Unpredictable

The strategy of Triamid Decks often involves gauging their opponent's actions and making plays that predict the other player's moves. By carrying out quick and unexpected plays, you can catch your opponent off guard and gain the upper hand.

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Deck Types

Control Beatdown Burn
Deck Destruction Special Victory

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