Gagaga XYZ Box Info and Card List | Duel Links

This page contains the basic information for Gagaga XYZ in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Gagaga XYZ and their compatible Decks.

Gagaga XYZ

This page contains the basic information for Gagaga XYZ in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Gagaga XYZ and their compatible Decks.

Decks to Use with Gagaga XYZ

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Card List in Gagaga XYZ

Monster Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Gagaga Cowboy
Gagaga Cowboy
UR 10 /10
Zubababancho Gagagacoat
Zubababancho Gagagacoat
UR 10 /10
Gagaga Mancer
Gagaga Mancer
SR 9 /10
Blindly Loyal Goblin
Blindly Loyal Goblin
R 3 /10
Bacon Saver
Bacon Saver
R 7/10
Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
R 6 /10
Field-Commander Rahz
Field-Commander Rahz
N 5 /10
Goblin Pothole Squad
Goblin Pothole Squad
N 5 /10
Gagaga Caesar
Gagaga Caesar
N 8 /10

Spell Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Gagaga Academy Emergency Network
Gagaga Academy Emergency Network
SR 7 /10
Blustering Winds
Blustering Winds
R 6 /10

Trap Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Memory Loss
Memory Loss
SR 7 /10
Burst Rebirth
Burst Rebirth
R 7 /10
Copy Knight
Copy Knight
N 3 /10

Related Links

Main Boxes

The Ultimate Rising Sprite
The Ultimate Rising
Neo-Impact Sprite
Valkyrie's Rage
Chaotic Compliance Sprite
Chaotic Compliance
Crimson Kingdom Sprite
Crimson Kingdom
Electric Overload Sprite
Electric Overload
Generation Next Sprite
Generation Next
Galactic Origin Sprite
Galactic Origin
Primal Burst Sprite
Primal Burst
Abyss Encounters Sprite
Abyss Encounters
Valiant Souls Sprite
Valiant Souls
Crusaders' Battlegrounds
Burning Nova Sprite
Burning Nova
Gaia Genesis Sprite
Gaia Genesis
Stardust Acceleration Sprite
Stardust Acceleration
Blackstorm Rising Sprite
Blackstorm Rising
Revolution Beginning  Sprite
Revolution Beginning
Absolute Inferno Sprite
Absolute Inferno
Warriors Unite Sprite
Warriors Unite
Blazing Rose Sprite
Blazing Rose
Cybernetic Rebellion Sprite
Cybernetic Rebellion
Valhalla Calling Sprite
Valhalla Calling
Dark Dimension Sprite
Dark Dimension
Aerial Assault Sprite
Aerial Assault
Future Horizon Sprite
Future Horizon
Judgement Force Sprite
Judgement Force
Truth Universe Sprite
Truth Universe
Witch's Sorcery
Infernity Destruction Sprite
Infernity Destruction
Shining Hope Sprite
Shining Hope
Shark Fang Sprite
Shark Fang
Infinite Ray Sprite
Infinite Ray
Antinomic Theory Sprite
Antinomic Theory
Eternal Stream Sprite
Eternal Stream

List of Main Boxes

Mini Boxes

Age of Discovery Sprite
Age of Discovery
Flame of the Tyrant Sprite
Flame of the Tyrant
Wonders of the Sky Sprite
Wonders of the Sky
Land of the Titans Sprite
Land of the Titans
Dawn of Destiny Sprite
Dawn of Destiny
Echoes of Silence Sprite
Echoes of Silence
Servants of Kings Sprite
Servants of Kings
Blades of Spirits Sprite
Blades of Spirits
Resonance of Contrast Sprite
Resonance of Contrast
Rampage of the Forest Sprite
Rampage of the Forest
Visions of Ice Sprite
Visions of Ice
Clash of Wings Sprite
Clash of Wings
Empire of Scarlet Sprite
Empire of Scarlet
Power of Bravery Sprite
Power of Bravery
Secrets of the Ancients Sprite
Secrets of the Ancients
Tornado of Phantoms Sprite
Tornado of Phantoms
Dimension of the Wizards Sprite
Dimension of the Wizards
Lords of Shining Sprite
Lords of Shining
Guardians of Rock Sprite
Guardians of Rock
Curse of Dread Sprite
Curse of Dread
Spirit of the Beast Sprite
Spirit of the Beast
Soul of Resurrection Sprite
Soul of Resurrection
Masters of Shadow Sprite
Masters of Shadow
Fortress of Gears Sprite
Fortress of Gears
Flames of the Heart Sprite
Flames of the Heart
Chronicle of Glory Sprite
Chronicle of Glory
Arena of Sanctuary Sprite
Arena of Sanctuary
Voltage of the Metal Sprite
Voltage of the Metal
Rage of Volcano Sprite
Rage of Volcano
Photon of Galaxy Sprite
Photon of Galaxy
Sign of Harpies Sprite
Sign of Harpies
The King of Vermilion SpriteThe King of Vermilion

List of Mini Boxes

Structure Decks

Dragonic Force Sprite
Dragonic Force
Sorcerer's Alliance
Legendary Warriors Sprite
Legendary Warriors
Hero Rising Sprite
Hero Rising
Destiny Rulers Sprite
Destiny Rulers
Dragonic Knights Sprite
Dragonic Knights
Synchro Connection Sprite
Synchro Connection
Swordbound Silence Sprite
Swordbound Silence
Return of the Red-Eyes Sprite
Return of the Red-Eyes
Hero Generation Sprite
Hero Generation
Gagaga XYZ Sprite
Gagaga XYZ

List of Structure Decks

Structure Decks EX

Spellbound Silence Sprite
Spellbound Silence
The White Dragon of Legend Sprite
The White Dragon of Legend
Ancient Gear Awakening Sprite
Ancient Gear Awakening
Neos Fusion Sprite
Neos Fusion
Full Metal Desperado Sprite
Full Metal Desperado
Masters of Chaos Sprite
Masters of Chaos
King's Resonance
Dragunity Overdrive Sprite
Dragunity Overdrive
Gladiator's Storm
Return of the Fire Kings Sprite
Return of the Fire Kings
Tales of the Noble Knights Sprite
Tales of the Noble Knights
Blue-Eyes Evolution Sprite
Blue-Eyes Evolution
Stardust Nexus SpriteStardust Nexus

List of Structure Decks EX

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