Lords of Shining Box Info and Card List | Duel Links

This page contains the basic information for Lords of Shining in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Lords of Shining and their compatible Decks.

Lords of Shining

This page contains the basic information for Lords of Shining in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Lords of Shining and their compatible Decks.

Decks to Use with Lords of Shining

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Card List in Lords of Shining

Monster Cards

Card Rarity Rating
The White Stone of AncientsThe White Stone of Ancients UR /10
Elemental HERO the ShiningElemental HERO the Shining UR /10
Ryko Lightsworn HunterRyko, Lightsworn Hunter SR /10
XX-Saber FaultrollXX-Saber Faultroll SR /10
Evilswarm MandragoraEvilswarm Mandragora SR /10
Steelswarm MothSteelswarm Moth SR /10
Sacred Arch-Airknight ParshathSacred Arch-Airknight Parshath SR /10
Darklord DesireDarklord Desire SR /10
Darklord SuperbiaDarklord Superbia SR /10
Lunalight Crimson FoxDarklord Ixchel SR /10
Celestial Wolf Lord Blue SiriusCelestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius SR /10
Sky Scourge InvicilSky Scourge Invicil R /10
Noble Knight BrothersNoble Knight Brothers R /10
XX-Saber RagiguraXX-Saber Ragigura R /10
Steelswarm GirastagSteelswarm Girastag R /10
Darklord NastenDarklord Nasten R /10
Ignoble Knight of High LaundsallynIgnoble Knight of High Laundsallyn R /10
XX-Saber EmmersbladeXX-Saber Emmersblade R /10
Mystic ClownMystic Clown N /10
Stuffed AnimalStuffed Animal N /10
Power Angel ValkyriaPower Angel Valkyria N /10
Minerva Scholar of the SkyMinerva, Scholar of the Sky N /10
Gwenhwyfar Queen of Noble ArmsGwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms N /10
Lady of the LakeLady of the Lake N /10
Steelswarm ScoutSteelswarm Scout N /10
Steelswarm CellSteelswarm Cell N /10
Darklord Edeh AraeDarklord Edeh Arae N /10
Darklord UkobackDarklord Ukoback N /10
Darklord AmduscDarklord Amdusc N /10
Darklord TezcatlipocaDarklord Tezcatlipoca N /10
X-Saber UrbellumX-Saber Urbellum N /10
Steelswarm CallerSteelswarm Caller N /10
Noble Knight GwalchavadNoble Knight Gwalchavad N /10
XX-Saber GarsemXX-Saber Garsem N /10

Spell Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Cursed ArmamentsCursed Armaments R /10
The Sanctum of ParshathThe Sanctum of Parshath R /10
Neos FusionDarklord Contact R /10
Noble Arms - CaliburnNoble Arms - Caliburn R /10
Noble Knights of the Round TableNoble Knights of the Round Table N /10
GottomsGottoms' Second Call N /10

Trap Cards

Card Rarity Rating
The Deep GraveThe Deep Grave UR /10
WiretapWiretap SR /10
Widespread DudWidespread Dud R /10
Infestation TerminusInfestation Terminus R /10
Infestation InfectionInfestation Infection R /10
Rebirth of ParshathRebirth of Parshath R /10
Ritual Beast Tamer ElderThe Sanctified Darklord R /10
Dark IllusionDark Illusion N /10
Darklord DescentDarklord Descent N /10

Related Links

Main Boxes

Main No. 1.pngNo. 1 Main No. 2.pngNo. 2 Main No. 3.pngNo. 3 Main No. 4.pngNo. 4
Main No. 5.pngNo. 5 Main No. 6.pngNo. 6 Main No. 7.pngNo. 7 Main No. 8.pngNo. 8
Main No. 9.pngNo. 9 Main No. 10.pngNo. 10 Main No. 11.pngNo. 11 Main No. 12.pngNo. 12
Main No. 13.pngNo. 13 Main No. 14.pngNo. 14 Main No. 15.pngNo. 15 Main No. 16.pngNo. 16
Main No. 17.pngNo. 17 Main No. 18.pngNo. 18 Main No. 19.pngNo. 19 Main No. 20.pngNo. 20
Main No. 21.pngNo. 21 Main No. 22.pngNo. 22 Main No. 23.pngNo. 23 Main No. 24.pngNo. 24
Main No. 25.pngNo. 25 Main No. 26.pngNo. 26 Main No. 27.pngNo. 27 Main No. 28.pngNo. 28
Main No. 29.pngNo. 29 Main No. 30.pngNo. 30 Main No. 31.pngNo. 31 Main No. 32.pngNo. 32

List of Main Boxes

Mini Boxes

Mini No. 1.pngNo. 1 Mini No. 2.pngNo. 2 Mini No. 3.pngNo. 3 Mini No. 4.pngNo. 4
Mini No. 5.pngNo. 5 Mini No. 6.pngNo. 6 Mini No. 7.pngNo. 7 Mini No. 8.pngNo. 8
Mini No. 9.pngNo. 9 Mini No. 10.pngNo. 10 Mini No. 11.pngNo. 11 Mini No. 12.pngNo. 12
Mini No. 13.pngNo. 13 Mini No. 15.pngNo. 15 Mini No. 16.pngNo. 16 Mini No. 17.pngNo. 17
Mini No. 18.pngNo. 18 Mini No. 19.pngNo. 19 Mini No. 20.pngNo. 20 Mini No. 21.pngNo. 21
Mini No. 23.pngNo. 23 Mini No. 24.pngNo. 24 Mini No. 25.pngNo. 25 Mini No. 26.pngNo. 26
Mini No. 27.pngNo. 27 Mini No. 28.pngNo. 28 Mini No. 29.pngNo. 29 Mini No. 30.pngNo. 30
Mini No. 31.pngNo. 31 Mini No. 32.pngNo. 32

List of Mini Boxes

Structure Decks

Dragonic Force.pngDragonic Force SorcererSorcerer's Alliance Hero Rising.pngHero Rising Legendary Warriors.pngLegendary Warriors
Destiny Rulers.pngDestiny Rulers Dragonic Knights.pngDragonic Knights Synchro Connection.pngSynchro Connection Swordbound Silence.pngSwordbound Silence
Return of The Red-Eyes.pngReturn of The Red-Eyes Hero Generation.pngHero Generation Gagaga XYZ.pngGagaga XYZ -

List of Structure Decks

Structure Decks EX

Spellbound Silence.pngSpellbound Silence The White Dragon of Legend.pngThe White Dragon of Legend Ancient Gear Awakening.pngAncient Gear Awakening Neos Fusion.pngNeos Fusion
Full Metal Desperado.pngFull Metal Desperado Master of Chaos.pngMaster of Chaos KingKing's Resonance Dragunity Overdrive.pngDragunity Overdrive
GladiatorGladiator's Storm Return of The Fire Kings.pngReturn of The Fire Kings Tales of the Noble Knights.pngTales of the Noble Knights Blue-Eyes Evolution.pngBlue-Eyes Evolution

List of Structure Decks EX

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