Power of Bravery Box Info and Card List | Duel Links

This page contains the basic information for Power of Bravery in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Power of Bravery and their compatible Decks.

Power of Bravery

This page contains the basic information for Power of Bravery in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Power of Bravery and their compatible Decks.

Decks to Use with Power of Bravery

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Card List in Power of Bravery

Monster Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Buster Whelp of the Destruction SwordsmanBuster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman UR /10
Power Tool DragonPower Tool Dragon UR /10
Naturia LeodrakeNaturia Leodrake SR /10
Vylon EpsilonVylon Epsilon SR /10
Naturia ButterflyNaturia Butterfly SR /10
Scrap ChimeraScrap Chimera SR /10
Morphtronic CelfonMorphtronic Celfon SR /10
Morphtronic ScopenMorphtronic Scopen SR /10
Atomic Scrap DragonAtomic Scrap Dragon R /10
Vylon SigmaVylon Sigma R /10
Wind-Up SoldierWind-Up Soldier R /10
Scrap OrthrosScrap Orthros R /10
Scrap BreakerScrap Breaker R /10
Scrap WormScrap Worm R /10
Vylon StellaVylon Stella R /10
Vylon CubeVylon Cube R /10
Morphtronic SlingenMorphtronic Slingen R /10
Morphtronic RadionMorphtronic Radion R /10
Morphtronic RemotenMorphtronic Remoten R /10
Guardian KayGuardian Kay'est N /10
Wind-Up WarriorWind-Up Warrior N /10
Wind-Up DogWind-Up Dog N /10
Scrap SharkScrap Shark N /10
Scrap SearcherScrap Searcher N /10
Scrap HunterScrap Hunter N /10
Scrap GolemScrap Golem N /10

Spell Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Destruction Swordsman FusionDestruction Swordsman Fusion SR /10
ScrapstormScrapstorm SR /10
Junk BoxJunk Box SR /10
Morphtronic AcceleratorMorphtronic Accelerator SR /10
Spellbook of FateDe-Synchro R /10
Rod of Silence - KayRod of Silence - Kay'est R /10
Scrap LubeScrap Lube R /10
Double Tool C&DDouble Tool C&D R /10
Power PickaxePower Pickaxe N /10
Legendary Wind-up KeyLegendary Wind-up Key N /10
Guts of SteelGuts of Steel N /10
Scrap SheenScrap Sheen N /10
Vylon FilamentVylon Filament N /10
Vylon SegmentVylon Segment N /10
Vylon ElementVylon Element N /10
Morphtronic EngineMorphtronic Engine N /10

Trap Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Memory of an AdversaryMemory of an Adversary UR /10
OverwindOverwind R /10
ZenmairchZenmairch N /10
Scrap CrashScrap Crash N /10
Scrap RageScrap Rage N /10
Morphtronics Scramble!Morphtronics, Scramble! N /10
Morphtronic ForcefieldMorphtronic Forcefield N /10
MorphtransitionMorphtransition N /10

Related Links

Main Boxes

Main No. 1.pngNo. 1 Main No. 2.pngNo. 2 Main No. 3.pngNo. 3 Main No. 4.pngNo. 4
Main No. 5.pngNo. 5 Main No. 6.pngNo. 6 Main No. 7.pngNo. 7 Main No. 8.pngNo. 8
Main No. 9.pngNo. 9 Main No. 10.pngNo. 10 Main No. 11.pngNo. 11 Main No. 12.pngNo. 12
Main No. 13.pngNo. 13 Main No. 14.pngNo. 14 Main No. 15.pngNo. 15 Main No. 16.pngNo. 16
Main No. 17.pngNo. 17 Main No. 18.pngNo. 18 Main No. 19.pngNo. 19 Main No. 20.pngNo. 20
Main No. 21.pngNo. 21 Main No. 22.pngNo. 22 Main No. 23.pngNo. 23 Main No. 24.pngNo. 24
Main No. 25.pngNo. 25 Main No. 26.pngNo. 26 Main No. 27.pngNo. 27 Main No. 28.pngNo. 28
Main No. 29.pngNo. 29 Main No. 30.pngNo. 30 Main No. 31.pngNo. 31 Main No. 32.pngNo. 32

List of Main Boxes

Mini Boxes

Mini No. 1.pngNo. 1 Mini No. 2.pngNo. 2 Mini No. 3.pngNo. 3 Mini No. 4.pngNo. 4
Mini No. 5.pngNo. 5 Mini No. 6.pngNo. 6 Mini No. 7.pngNo. 7 Mini No. 8.pngNo. 8
Mini No. 9.pngNo. 9 Mini No. 10.pngNo. 10 Mini No. 11.pngNo. 11 Mini No. 12.pngNo. 12
Mini No. 13.pngNo. 13 Mini No. 15.pngNo. 15 Mini No. 16.pngNo. 16 Mini No. 17.pngNo. 17
Mini No. 18.pngNo. 18 Mini No. 19.pngNo. 19 Mini No. 20.pngNo. 20 Mini No. 21.pngNo. 21
Mini No. 23.pngNo. 23 Mini No. 24.pngNo. 24 Mini No. 25.pngNo. 25 Mini No. 26.pngNo. 26
Mini No. 27.pngNo. 27 Mini No. 28.pngNo. 28 Mini No. 29.pngNo. 29 Mini No. 30.pngNo. 30
Mini No. 31.pngNo. 31 Mini No. 32.pngNo. 32

List of Mini Boxes

Structure Decks

Dragonic Force.pngDragonic Force SorcererSorcerer's Alliance Hero Rising.pngHero Rising Legendary Warriors.pngLegendary Warriors
Destiny Rulers.pngDestiny Rulers Dragonic Knights.pngDragonic Knights Synchro Connection.pngSynchro Connection Swordbound Silence.pngSwordbound Silence
Return of The Red-Eyes.pngReturn of The Red-Eyes Hero Generation.pngHero Generation Gagaga XYZ.pngGagaga XYZ -

List of Structure Decks

Structure Decks EX

Spellbound Silence.pngSpellbound Silence The White Dragon of Legend.pngThe White Dragon of Legend Ancient Gear Awakening.pngAncient Gear Awakening Neos Fusion.pngNeos Fusion
Full Metal Desperado.pngFull Metal Desperado Master of Chaos.pngMaster of Chaos KingKing's Resonance Dragunity Overdrive.pngDragunity Overdrive
GladiatorGladiator's Storm Return of The Fire Kings.pngReturn of The Fire Kings Tales of the Noble Knights.pngTales of the Noble Knights Blue-Eyes Evolution.pngBlue-Eyes Evolution

List of Structure Decks EX

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