Primal Burst Box Info and Card List | Duel Links

This page contains the basic information for Primal Burst in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Primal Burst and their compatible Decks.

Primal Burst

This page contains the basic information for Primal Burst in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in Primal Burst and their compatible Decks.

Decks to Use with Primal Burst

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Card List in Primal Burst

Monster Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Gem-Knight Master DiamondGem-Knight Master Diamond UR /10
Snoww Unlight of Dark WorldSnoww, Unlight of Dark World UR /10
Lyla Lightsworn SorceressLyla, Lightsworn Sorceress UR /10
Gaia Plate The Earth GiantGaia Plate The Earth Giant UR /10
Cloudian - Eye of The TyphoonCloudian - Eye of The Typhoon UR /10
Volcanic RocketVolcanic Rocket UR /10
Spell StrikerSpell Striker UR /10
Volcanic DoomfireVolcanic Doomfire UR /10
Gem-Knight SeraphiniteGem-Knight Seraphinite SR /10
Earth Armor NinjaEarth Armor Ninja SR /10
Ceruli Guru of Dark WorldCeruli, Guru of Dark World SR /10
Gem-Knight PrismauraGem-Knight Prismaura SR /10
Jurrac GuaibaJurrac Guaiba SR /10
Jurrac TitanoJurrac Titano SR /10
Jain Lightsworn PaladinJain, Lightsworn Paladin SR /10
Dark NephthysDark Nephthys SR /10
Mist ArchfiendMist Archfiend SR /10
Kaiser GliderKaiser Glider SR /10
Gem-Knight LazuliGem-Knight Lazuli R /10
Latinum Exarch of Dark WorldLatinum, Exarch of Dark World R /10
ShienShien's Daredevil R /10
Gem-Knight CitrineGem-Knight Citrine R /10
Gem-Knight CrystalGem-Knight Crystal R /10
Gem-Knight EmeraldGem-Knight Emerald R /10
Gem-Knight TopazGem-Knight Topaz R /10
Gem-Knight RubyGem-Knight Ruby R /10
Gem-Knight TourmalineGem-Knight Tourmaline R /10
Gem-Knight GarnetGem-Knight Garnet R /10
Jurrac StaurikoJurrac Stauriko R /10
Cloudian - Storm DragonCloudian - Storm Dragon R /10
Golden LadybugGolden Ladybug R /10
Gragonith Lightsworn DragonGragonith, Lightsworn Dragon R /10
Garoth Lightsworn WarriorGaroth, Lightsworn Warrior R /10
Cloudian - Sheep CloudCloudian - Sheep Cloud R /10
Lich Lord King of the UnderworldLich Lord, King of the Underworld R /10
Volcanic HammererVolcanic Hammerer R /10
Volcanic ShellVolcanic Shell R /10
Reign-Beaux Overlord of Dark WorldReign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World R /10
Scarr Scout of Dark WorldScarr, Scout of Dark World R /10
Brron Mad King of Dark WorldBrron, Mad King of Dark World R /10
Broww Huntsman of Dark WorldBroww, Huntsman of Dark World R /10
Beiige Vanguard of Dark WorldBeiige, Vanguard of Dark World R /10
NanobreakerNanobreaker R /10
Cybernetic MagicianCybernetic Magician R /10
Gem-Knight SardonyxGem-Knight Sardonyx N /10
Gem-Knight AmberGem-Knight Amber N /10
Rinyan Lightsworn RogueRinyan, Lightsworn Rogue N /10
Shire Lightsworn SpiritShire, Lightsworn Spirit N /10
Jurrac IguanonJurrac Iguanon N /10
Aurkus Lightsworn DruidAurkus, Lightsworn Druid N /10
Phantom DragonPhantom Dragon N /10
Blue Thunder T-45Blue Thunder T-45 N /10
Vengeful ShinobiVengeful Shinobi N /10
Cloudian - TurbulenceCloudian - Turbulence N /10
Cloudian - Smoke BallCloudian - Smoke Ball N /10
Cloudian - NimbusmanCloudian - Nimbusman N /10
Cloudian - Ghost FogCloudian - Ghost Fog N /10
Volcanic RatVolcanic Rat N /10
Volcanic BlasterVolcanic Blaster N /10
Fusion DevourerFusion Devourer N /10
Gren Tactician of Dark WorldGren, Tactician of Dark World N /10
Kahkki Guerilla of Dark WorldKahkki, Guerilla of Dark World N /10
Sage of StillnessSage of Stillness N /10
DoitsuDoitsu N /10
SoitsuSoitsu N /10
Mind on AirMind on Air N /10
KoitsuKoitsu N /10
AitsuAitsu N /10
OpticlopsOpticlops N /10
Sky ScoutSky Scout N /10
Jurrac PteraJurrac Ptera N /10
Jurrac HerraJurrac Herra N /10

Spell Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Forbidden DressForbidden Dress UR /10
Dark World LightningDark World Lightning UR /10
Summon CloudSummon Cloud R /10
Tri-Blaze AcceleratorTri-Blaze Accelerator R /10
Blaze AcceleratorBlaze Accelerator R /10
Cursed Bamboo SwordCursed Bamboo Sword N /10
Particle FusionParticle Fusion N /10
Temple of the SixTemple of the Six N /10
Dragunity Divine LanceGolden Bamboo Sword N /10
Dark World GrimoireDark World Grimoire N /10
Cloudian SquallCloudian Squall N /10
Fog ControlFog Control N /10
Lucky CloudLucky Cloud N /10
Diamond-Dust CycloneDiamond-Dust Cyclone N /10
Broken Bamboo SwordBroken Bamboo Sword N /10
Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain ShowerShien's Dojo N /10
Realm of LightRealm of Light N /10

Trap Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Ghosts From The PastGhosts From The Past SR /10
Release From StoneRelease From Stone SR /10
Dark SmogDark Smog R /10
The Forces of DarknessThe Forces of Darkness R /10
Fragment FusionFragment Fusion N /10
Six Strike - Thunder BlastSix Strike - Thunder Blast N /10
Pyroxene FusionPyroxene Fusion N /10
Light SpiralLight Spiral N /10
Alchemy CycleAlchemy Cycle N /10
Rain StormRain Storm N /10
Volcanic RechargeVolcanic Recharge N /10

Related Links

Main Boxes

Main No. 1.pngNo. 1 Main No. 2.pngNo. 2 Main No. 3.pngNo. 3 Main No. 4.pngNo. 4
Main No. 5.pngNo. 5 Main No. 6.pngNo. 6 Main No. 7.pngNo. 7 Main No. 8.pngNo. 8
Main No. 9.pngNo. 9 Main No. 10.pngNo. 10 Main No. 11.pngNo. 11 Main No. 12.pngNo. 12
Main No. 13.pngNo. 13 Main No. 14.pngNo. 14 Main No. 15.pngNo. 15 Main No. 16.pngNo. 16
Main No. 17.pngNo. 17 Main No. 18.pngNo. 18 Main No. 19.pngNo. 19 Main No. 20.pngNo. 20
Main No. 21.pngNo. 21 Main No. 22.pngNo. 22 Main No. 23.pngNo. 23 Main No. 24.pngNo. 24
Main No. 25.pngNo. 25 Main No. 26.pngNo. 26 Main No. 27.pngNo. 27 Main No. 28.pngNo. 28
Main No. 29.pngNo. 29 Main No. 30.pngNo. 30 Main No. 31.pngNo. 31 Main No. 32.pngNo. 32

List of Main Boxes

Mini Boxes

Mini No. 1.pngNo. 1 Mini No. 2.pngNo. 2 Mini No. 3.pngNo. 3 Mini No. 4.pngNo. 4
Mini No. 5.pngNo. 5 Mini No. 6.pngNo. 6 Mini No. 7.pngNo. 7 Mini No. 8.pngNo. 8
Mini No. 9.pngNo. 9 Mini No. 10.pngNo. 10 Mini No. 11.pngNo. 11 Mini No. 12.pngNo. 12
Mini No. 13.pngNo. 13 Mini No. 15.pngNo. 15 Mini No. 16.pngNo. 16 Mini No. 17.pngNo. 17
Mini No. 18.pngNo. 18 Mini No. 19.pngNo. 19 Mini No. 20.pngNo. 20 Mini No. 21.pngNo. 21
Mini No. 23.pngNo. 23 Mini No. 24.pngNo. 24 Mini No. 25.pngNo. 25 Mini No. 26.pngNo. 26
Mini No. 27.pngNo. 27 Mini No. 28.pngNo. 28 Mini No. 29.pngNo. 29 Mini No. 30.pngNo. 30
Mini No. 31.pngNo. 31 Mini No. 32.pngNo. 32

List of Mini Boxes

Structure Decks

Dragonic Force.pngDragonic Force SorcererSorcerer's Alliance Hero Rising.pngHero Rising Legendary Warriors.pngLegendary Warriors
Destiny Rulers.pngDestiny Rulers Dragonic Knights.pngDragonic Knights Synchro Connection.pngSynchro Connection Swordbound Silence.pngSwordbound Silence
Return of The Red-Eyes.pngReturn of The Red-Eyes Hero Generation.pngHero Generation Gagaga XYZ.pngGagaga XYZ -

List of Structure Decks

Structure Decks EX

Spellbound Silence.pngSpellbound Silence The White Dragon of Legend.pngThe White Dragon of Legend Ancient Gear Awakening.pngAncient Gear Awakening Neos Fusion.pngNeos Fusion
Full Metal Desperado.pngFull Metal Desperado Master of Chaos.pngMaster of Chaos KingKing's Resonance Dragunity Overdrive.pngDragunity Overdrive
GladiatorGladiator's Storm Return of The Fire Kings.pngReturn of The Fire Kings Tales of the Noble Knights.pngTales of the Noble Knights Blue-Eyes Evolution.pngBlue-Eyes Evolution

List of Structure Decks EX

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