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This page contains the basic information for The Ultimate Rising Box in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in The Ultimate Rising and their compatible Decks.

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Ultimate Rising Box

This page contains the basic information for The Ultimate Rising Box in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about the available cards in The Ultimate Rising and their compatible Decks.

Decks to Use with The Ultimate Rising Box

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Card List in The Ultimate Rising Box

Monster Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Sphere KuribohSphere Kuriboh UR 10 /10
Summoner of IllusionsSummoner of Illusions UR 5 /10
Sonic BirdSonic Bird UR 6 /10
Hane-HaneHane-Hane UR 4 /10
Blue-Eyes Ultimate DragonBlue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon UR 7 /10
Axe RaiderAxe Raider UR 4 /10
The Hunter With 7 WeaponsThe Hunter With 7 Weapons SR 7 /10
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom4-Starred Ladybug of Doom SR 7 /10
Judge ManJudge Man SR 3 /10
Vylon OhmVylon Ohm R 6 /10
Lyna The Light CharmerLyna The Light Charmer R 4 /10
Dharc The Dark CharmerDharc The Dark Charmer R 4 /10
Divine Dragon - ExcelionDivine Dragon - Excelion R 7 /10
Wynn The Wind CharmerWynn The Wind Charmer R 4 /10
Hiita The Fire CharmerHiita The Fire Charmer R 4 /10
Eria The Water CharmerEria The Water Charmer R 4 /10
Aussa The Earth CharmerAussa The Earth Charmer R 4 /10
CatCat's Ear Tribe R 2 /10
Karate ManKarate Man R 3 /10
Crab TurtleCrab Turtle R 4 /10
SkelengelSkelengel R 2 /10
Muka MukaMuka Muka R 3 /10
Crimson SunbirdCrimson Sunbird R 5 /10
Skull Red BirdSkull Red Bird R 3 /10
BickuriboxBickuribox R 4 /10
Dream ClownDream Clown R 4 /10
Dragon ZombieDragon Zombie R 3 /10
Crass ClownCrass Clown R 5 /10
Blazing HiitaBlazing Hiita N 4 /10
Raging EriaRaging Eria N 4 /10
Avalanching AussaAvalanching Aussa N 4 /10
Malice AscendantMalice Ascendant N 2 /10
Parasitic TickyParasitic Ticky N 1 /10
Element DoomElement Doom N 3 /10
Element MagicianElement Magician N 3 /10
Element SoldierElement Soldier N 3 /10
Guardian TryceGuardian Tryce N 5 /10
Guardian BaouGuardian Baou N 4 /10
Dark Cat with White TailDark Cat with White Tail N 5 /10
Bite ShoesBite Shoes N 4/10
Fortress WhaleFortress Whale N 4 /10
Skull GuardianSkull Guardian N 5 /10
Hourglass of CourageHourglass of Courage N 4 /10
BladeflyBladefly N 3 /10
Great Mammoth of GoldfineGreat Mammoth of Goldfine N 5 /10
Insect Soldiers of the SkyInsect Soldiers of the Sky N 3 /10
Shadow GhoulShadow Ghoul N 6 /10
Faith BirdFaith Bird N 3 /10
King of YamimakaiKing of Yamimakai N 3 /10
The Snake HairThe Snake Hair N 3 /10
Storming WynnStorming Wynn N 3 /10

Spell Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Autonomous Action UnitAutonomous Action Unit UR 7 /10
Fusion GateFusion Gate UR 8 /10
Wonder BalloonsWonder Balloons SR 4 /10
Shard of GreedShard of Greed SR 5 /10
TwisterTwister SR 7 /10
Order to ChargeOrder to Charge SR 5 /10
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - BaouWicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou SR 4 /10
Makiu The Magical MistMakiu, The Magical Mist SR 6 /10
Mask of the AccursedMask of the Accursed SR 9 /10
White ElephantWhite Elephant's Gift R 9 /10
Fulfillment of the ContractFulfillment of the Contract R 6 /10
EarthquakeEarthquake R 6 /10
Twin Swords of Flashing Light - TryceTwin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce R 4 /10
Mask of DispelMask of Dispel R 6 /10
Book of Secret ArtsBook of Secret Arts R 4 /10
Sword of Dark DestructionSword of Dark Destruction R 3 /10
Contact With The AquamirrorContact With The Aquamirror N 5 /10
Ritual CageRitual Cage N 6 /10
Ascending SoulAscending Soul N 6 /10
Card RotatorCard Rotator N 6 /10
TornadoTornado N 7 /10
SamsaraSamsara N 6 /10
77 N 4 /10
GryphonGryphon's Feather Duster N 7 /10
Morale BoostMorale Boost N 4 /10
Rod of the MindRod of the Mind's Eye N 5 /10
Legendary Six Samurai - EnishiSecret Pass to the Treasures N 6 /10
Iron Core of KoaRestructer Revolution N 5 /10
Fortress WhaleFortress Whale's Oath N 4 /10
Turtle OathTurtle Oath N 4 /10
NovoxNovox's Prayer N 4 /10

Trap Cards

Card Rarity Rating
Magic JammerMagic Jammer UR 8 /10
Magical Arm ShieldMagical Arm Shield UR 7 /10
Magical HatsMagical Hats SR 6 /10
ReinforcementsReinforcements SR 6 /10
Trap JammerTrap Jammer R 5 /10
Staunch DefenderStaunch Defender R 5 /10
Curse of AgingCurse of Aging R 4 /10
Ready for InterceptingReady for Intercepting R 6 /10
Judgment of AnubisJudgment of Anubis R 7 /10
Backup SoldierBackup Soldier R 5 /10
ConscriptionConscription N 2 /10
Forced CeasefireForced Ceasefire N 4 /10
The Spell Absorbing LifeThe Spell Absorbing Life N 5 /10
Hidden SpellbookHidden Spellbook N 6 /10
MeteorainMeteorain N 7 /10
Nutrient ZNutrient Z N 6 /10
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin N 7 /10
Snake FangSnake Fang N 3 /10

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Structure Decks EX

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Stardust Nexus SpriteStardust Nexus Rise of Gaia SpriteRise of Gaia

List of Structure Decks EX

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