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This page contains the rating and basic information for the card Fiendish Chain in Yugioh: Duel Links. Read on to find out about decks and compatible cards with Fiendish Chain, and how to get Fiendish Chain.

This page contains the rating and basic information for the card Fiendish Chain in Yugioh: Duel Links. Read on to find out about decks and compatible cards with Fiendish Chain, and how to get Fiendish Chain.

Fiendish Chain - Rating

Fiendish Chain

Rating 10 /10


  • This card can negate the effects of an Effect Moster and prevent it from attacking.


  • When the monster is destroyed, this card is also destroyed.

Fiendish Chain - Basic Information

Category Trap/Continuous
Rarity UR
Card Effect
Activate this card by targeting 1 Effect Monster on the field; negate the effects of that face-up monster while it is on the field, also that face-up monster cannot attack. When it is destroyed, destroy this card.

Decks That Use Fiendish Chain

Deck Rating and Strategy
Invoked Magician GirlsInvoked Magician Girls Rating: 35 /50
This Deck synergizes two different archetypes to make a decent Deck that makes use of Invoked Fusion Monsters.
AromagesAromages Rating: 30 /50
Aromage Decks aim to flood the field with monsters while constantly increasing your Life Points.
KarakuriKarakuri Rating: 34 /50
Karakuri Decks use Synchro Monsters to swarm the field and OTK the opponent during the middle stages of the Duel.
Elemental HeroesElemental Heroes Rating: 37 /50
This Fusion Decks makes use of three Elemental HERO monsters to fulfill different summoning conditions.
Magnet WarriorsMagnet Warriors Rating: 40 /50
Magnet Warriors allow you to quickly fill the field, hand, and Graveyard with monsters that you can use to summon its Boss Monsters.
TriamidTriamid Rating: 39 /50
This Deck uses several Field Spells and the effects of its Triamid monsters to gain control of the field.
Ritual BeastsRitual Beasts Rating: 43 /50
Ritual Beasts can quickly control the Duel by establishing strong defenses on their side of the field.
Cyber DragonCyber Dragon Rating: 43 /50
This Deck can quickly fill your field with Fusion Monsters since Cyber Dragons can search and summon themselves in rapid succession.
SatellarknightsSatellarknights Rating: 41 /50
Stellarknights can constantly be recycled onto the field so you can repeatedly Xyz Summon your Boss Monster.
GoukiGouki Rating: 41 /50
Gouki monsters allow you to control the field by using their effect to search each other when they are destroyed.
Lava GolemsLava Golems Rating: 22 /50
This Deck uses the effect of Lava Golem to incrementally decrease your opponent's Life Points.
Invoked Lava GolemsInvoked Lava Golems Rating: 27 /50
This Deck uses the basic Burn Deck strategy but adds the Invoked archetype to make it more stable.
Invoked NeosInvoked Neos Rating: 42 /50
Invoked Neos Decks fill the field with Fusion Monsters, particularly through Invoked Fusion Summons.
Water XYZWater XYZ Rating: 48 /50
Gain quick control of the Duel by utilizing your WATER Monsters and the Territory of the Sharks skill to Summon powerful Xyz and Synchro WATER Monsters.
HarpiesHarpies Rating: 44 /50
You want to try and put out your Cyber Slash Harpie Lady as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, swarm the field with Harpie monsters. The Harpies themselves are a strong enough win condition that you don't need to focus on winning with your boss monster.
Shooting Star DragonShooting Star Dragon Rating: 44 /50
This deck has a wide variety of combinations to play around in terms of boss monsters, depending on the situation at hand. It revolves around Junk Synchron and the Shooting Star Road skill, opening the chance to Synchro Summon powerful monsters like Junk Archer, Junk Berserker and the titular Shooting Star Dragon as early as the first turn.
XYZ SharksXYZ Sharks Rating: 42 /50
This deck focuses on rushing the field with Level 4 monsters to be able to summon a variety of Rank 4 Xyz monsters, which support that can refresh cards from the Graveyard, and negate effects even before they can be used against this Deck.
D/D/D KingsD/D/D Kings Rating: 41 /50
A Deck that specializes in swarming the field with consecutive Special Summons to control the field, D/D uses nearly all the ways to Special Summon and is a great test to see how familiar a player is with each of them.

How to Get Fiendish Chain

Starter Deck

This card is not currently part of a character's starter deck.

Get from Shop and Tickets

How to Get
Currently Unavailable Shining Hope
Currently Unavailable UR Dream Ticket

Rewards from Characters

This card is not available as a reward from a character.

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