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This guide will show you all information regarding Gems and how to spend them. To know more about how to spend Gems and how to get the best possible value for them, read on!

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This guide will show you all information regarding Gems and how to spend them. To know more about how to spend Gems and how to get the best possible value for them, read on!

What Can You Spend Gems on?


As one of the primary currencies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Gems are an important item that can get you access to countless of cards released in-game.

Gems can be used to buy items such as Booster Packs, Structure Decks, and Customization Items.

How to Spend your Gems

Here's a quick guide on how to easily spend your Gems in-game:

1.) Navigate to the Shop

Main Screen S1.PNG

When you first log-in to the game, you'll be greeted by the main screen, where you have a row of menus you can navigate to at the bottom of the screen. Simply click/tap on the Shop icon, and then click/tap on the Shop building.

Alternatively, you can simply double click/tap on the Shop icon to get into the Shop Screen.

Shop S2.PNG

2.) Choose What Item to Buy

In the main Shop screen, you have options at the bottom row of the screen on what specific items you would like to buy.

These options are Must-Buy, BOXes, Decks, Items and Special.

Shop Screen S3.PNG

  • Booster Packs
  • To buy Booster Packs, you must navigate to the BOXes Screen, or into any purchase screen involving BOXes, and choose a particular BOX you would like to purchase from.

    In this screen, you have the option of buying 1 Pack for 50 Gems, or 10 Packs for 500 Gems.

    Alternatively, you may choose to buy both Packs and Gems in increasing values using real money.

    BP Info S2.PNG

  • Structure Decks
  • To purchase pre-made Decks, simply navigate your way towards the Decks page, and choose a particular Structure Deck you would like to purchase.

    The prices for each Deck vary, depending on the cards within the Deck, and how many there are.

    Structure Deck Info S2.PNG

  • Customization Items
  • Navigate your way to the Items page, and click on Customization.

    At this moment, only Game Mats can be bought using Gems. However, as an alternative, you may choose to purchase with real money some of the items they have on this page.

    Customization Info S2.PNG

    3.) Click on Purchase

    Once you have chosen the Booster Pack, Structure Deck, or Customization Item you like, simply click Purchase and confirm the amount of Gems you're spending.

    Confirm Purchase.png

    Using Money Instead of Gems

    While Gems allow you to buy Booster Packs, Structure Decks and Customization Items, not all of what is available in the Shop can be bought with them.

    Duel Links allows you to buy these things with real world money if you lack the Gems for them, as well as other unique items and bundles.

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