List of All Light Monsters | Duel Links

This is a list of all light monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a light monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

This is a list of all light monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a light monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

List of Light Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Blue-Eyes Solid DragonBlue-Eyes Solid Dragon UR Dragon /10
Silent SwordsmanSilent Swordsman UR Warrior /10
Silent MagicianSilent Magician UR Spellcaster /10
Elemental HERO Brave NeosElemental HERO Brave Neos UR Warrior /10
Masked HERO KogaMasked HERO Koga UR Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Neos AliusElemental HERO Neos Alius UR Warrior /10
Silent Magician LV8Silent Magician LV8 UR Spellcaster /10
Armades Keeper of BoundariesArmades, Keeper of Boundaries UR Fiend /10
Ancient Fairy DragonAncient Fairy Dragon UR Dragon /10
Arcanite MagicianArcanite Magician UR Spellcaster /10
Buster Whelp of the Destruction SwordsmanBuster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman UR Dragon /10
The White Stone of AncientsThe White Stone of Ancients UR Dragon /10
Elemental HERO the ShiningElemental HERO the Shining UR Warrior /10
Stardust Chronicle Spark DragonStardust Chronicle Spark Dragon UR Dragon /10
Schuberta the Melodious MaestraSchuberta the Melodious Maestra UR Fairy /10
Valkyrie BrunhildeValkyrie Brunhilde UR Fairy /10
Summoner of IllusionsSummoner of Illusions UR Spellcaster /10
Blue-Eyes Ultimate DragonBlue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon UR Dragon /10
Gizmek Yata the Gleaming VanguardGizmek Yata, the Gleaming Vanguard UR Machine /10
Divine Grace - NorthwemkoDivine Grace - Northwemko UR Spellcaster /10
Kaiser Sea HorseKaiser Sea Horse UR Sea Serpent /10
Senju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand Hands UR Fairy /10
Dimensional AlchemistDimensional Alchemist UR Fairy /10
Sky Scourge EnriseSky Scourge Enrise UR Fairy /10
Asura PriestAsura Priest UR Fairy /10
Dunames Dark WitchDunames Dark Witch UR Fairy /10
BrohunderBrohunder UR Thunder /10
Buster Blader The Dragon Destroyer SwordsmanBuster Blader, The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman UR Warrior /10
Heavy Mech Support ArmorHeavy Mech Support Armor UR Machine /10
The CreatorThe Creator UR Thunder /10
Shinato King of a Higher PlaneShinato, King of a Higher Plane UR Fairy /10
XYZ-Dragon CannonXYZ-Dragon Cannon UR Machine /10
Thunder Nyan NyanThunder Nyan Nyan UR Thunder /10
Arcana Knight JokerArcana Knight Joker UR Warrior /10
Mystic PiperMystic Piper UR Spellcaster /10
Lyla Lightsworn SorceressLyla, Lightsworn Sorceress UR Spellcaster /10
Saffira Queen of DragonsSaffira, Queen of Dragons UR Dragon /10
Upstart Golden NinjaUpstart Golden Ninja UR Warrior /10
Noble Knight MedrautNoble Knight Medraut UR Warrior /10
Silent Swordsman LV7Silent Swordsman LV7 UR Warrior /10
Eclipse WyvernEclipse Wyvern UR Dragon /10
Thunder Sea HorseThunder Sea Horse UR Thunder /10
Magician of FaithMagician of Faith UR Spellcaster /10
Celestia Lightsworn AngelCelestia, Lightsworn Angel UR Fairy /10
Batteryman Industrial StrengthBatteryman Industrial Strength UR Thunder /10
Fabled GrimroFabled Grimro UR Fiend /10
Ancient Sacred WyvernAncient Sacred Wyvern UR Fairy /10
The Fabled CerburrelThe Fabled Cerburrel UR Beast /10
Road WarriorRoad Warrior UR Warrior /10
Thunder DragonhawkThunder Dragonhawk UR Thunder /10
Alien AmmoniteAlien Ammonite UR Reptile /10
Cyber DragonCyber Dragon UR Machine /10
Cyber Twin DragonCyber Twin Dragon UR Machine /10
The Agent of Mystery - EarthThe Agent of Mystery - Earth UR Fairy /10
Master HyperionMaster Hyperion UR Fairy /10
Odin Father of AesirOdin, Father of Aesir UR Fairy /10
Palladium Oracle MahadPalladium Oracle Mahad UR Spellcaster /10
Angel of ZeraAngel of Zera UR Fairy /10
D.D. Warrior LadyD.D. Warrior Lady UR Warrior /10
Artifact LanceaArtifact Lancea UR Fairy /10
Stardust Spark DragonStardust Spark Dragon UR Dragon /10
Judgment DragonJudgment Dragon UR Dragon /10
Maiden with Eyes of BlueMaiden with Eyes of Blue UR Spellcaster /10
Michael the Arch-LightswornMichael, the Arch-Lightsworn UR Dragon /10
Blue-Eyes Spirit DragonBlue-Eyes Spirit Dragon UR Dragon /10
High Priestess of ProphecyHigh Priestess of Prophecy UR Spellcaster /10
Witchcrafter Madame VerreWitchcrafter Madame Verre UR Spellcaster /10
Ruin Queen of OblivionRuin, Queen of Oblivion UR Fairy /10
Blue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon UR Dragon /10
Airknight ParshathAirknight Parshath UR Fairy /10
Guardian Angel JoanGuardian Angel Joan UR Fairy /10
KaibamanKaibaman UR Warrior /10
Blue-Eyes Shining DragonBlue-Eyes Shining Dragon UR Dragon /10
Black Luster Soldier - Sacred SoldierBlack Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier UR Warrior /10
Vennu Bright Bird of DivinityVennu, Bright Bird of Divinity UR Fairy /10
Elemental HERO NeosElemental HERO Neos UR Warrior /10
Ojama KingOjama King UR Beast /10
Maha VailoMaha Vailo UR Spellcaster /10
B-Buster DrakeB-Buster Drake UR Machine /10
The Winged Dragon of RaThe Winged Dragon of Ra UR Divine-Beast /10
Slifer the Sky DragonSlifer the Sky Dragon UR Divine-Beast /10
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult CannonVWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon UR Machine /10
Meltiel Sage of the SkyMeltiel, Sage of the Sky UR Fairy /10
Rainbow DragonRainbow Dragon UR Dragon /10
Skilled Blue MagicianSkilled Blue Magician UR Spellcaster /10
Prime Material DragonPrime Material Dragon UR Dragon /10
Voltanis the AdjudicatorVoltanis the Adjudicator UR Fairy /10
Cyber End DragonCyber End Dragon UR Machine /10
RegulusRegulus UR Beast /10
Morphtronic VideonMorphtronic Videon UR Machine /10
D.D. SpriteD.D. Sprite UR Fairy /10
Elemental HERO ElectrumElemental HERO Electrum UR Warrior /10
Lightning WarriorLightning Warrior UR Warrior /10
Avenging Knight ParshathAvenging Knight Parshath UR Fairy /10
Elemental HERO Divine NeosElemental HERO Divine Neos UR Warrior /10
Obelisk the TormentorObelisk the Tormentor UR Divine-Beast /10
Aromaseraphy RosemaryAromaseraphy Rosemary UR Plant /10
Arcana Force EX - The Light RulerArcana Force EX - The Light Ruler UR Fairy /10
Dragon Master KnightDragon Master Knight UR Dragon /10
Elemental HERO GrandmergeElemental HERO Grandmerge UR Warrior /10
Ghost ShipGhost Ship UR Fiend /10
Toon Cyber DragonToon Cyber Dragon UR Machine /10
Arcana Force XII - The HangmanArcana Force XII - The Hangman UR Fairy /10
Plasma Warrior EitomPlasma Warrior Eitom UR Thunder /10
Hamon Lord of Striking ThunderHamon, Lord of Striking Thunder UR Thunder /10
Cyber Angel IzanaCyber Angel Izana UR Fairy /10
Neos WisemanNeos Wiseman UR Spellcaster /10
Vylon OmegaVylon Omega UR Fairy /10
Fortune Lady LightFortune Lady Light UR Spellcaster /10
Deep-Eyes White DragonDeep-Eyes White Dragon UR Dragon /10
Assault WyvernAssault Wyvern UR Dragon /10
Duza the Meteor Cubic VesselDuza the Meteor Cubic Vessel UR Machine /10
Vylon PrismVylon Prism UR Thunder /10
Oracle of the SunOracle of the Sun UR Spellcaster /10
Maiden in LoveMaiden in Love UR Spellcaster /10
Artifact VajraArtifact Vajra UR Fairy /10
Fortune Fairy HikariFortune Fairy Hikari UR Spellcaster /10
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate DragonNeo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon UR Dragon /10
Familiar-Possessed LynaFamiliar-Possessed Lyna UR Spellcaster /10
AmaterasuAmaterasu UR Fairy /10
Armed Dragon Catapult CannonArmed Dragon Catapult Cannon UR Machine /10
Buster Gundil the Cubic BehemothBuster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth UR Beast /10
Witchcrafter EdelWitchcrafter Edel UR Spellcaster /10
Cupid DunkCupid Dunk UR Fairy /10
Mekk-Knight Yellow StarMekk-Knight Yellow Star UR Psychic /10
Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic EmperorIndiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor UR Fairy /10
Fairy Cheer GirlFairy Cheer Girl UR Fairy /10
VictoriaVictoria UR Fairy /10
Satellarknight DenebSatellarknight Deneb UR Warrior /10
Utopic OnomatopoeiaUtopic Onomatopoeia UR Warrior /10
Stellarknight DelterosStellarknight Delteros UR Warrior /10
Number 39 UtopiaNumber 39: Utopia UR Warrior /10
Star Seraph ScepterStar Seraph Scepter UR Fairy /10
Darktellarknight BatlamyusDarktellarknight Batlamyus UR Warrior /10
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of HeliopolisHieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis UR Dragon /10
Constellar Ptolemy M7Constellar Ptolemy M7 UR Machine /10
Number C39 Utopia RayNumber C39: Utopia Ray UR Warrior /10
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst DragonBlue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon UR Dragon /10
Artorigus King of the Noble KnightsArtorigus, King of the Noble Knights UR Warrior /10
Sacred Noble Knight of King ArtorigusSacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus UR Warrior /10
Blue-Eyes Alternative White DragonBlue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon UR Dragon /10
Gold GadgetGold Gadget UR Machine /10
Starliege PaladynamoStarliege Paladynamo UR Warrior /10
Number 10 IllumiknightNumber 10: Illumiknight UR Warrior /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Dragon Spirit of WhiteDragon Spirit of White SR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableFelgrand Dragon SR Dragon /10
Arkbrave DragonArkbrave Dragon SR Dragon /10
Silent Swordsman LV 5Silent Swordsman LV 5 SR Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableGearfried the Swordmaster SR Warrior /10
Neo Space ConnectorNeo Space Connector SR Warrior /10
Enishi ShienEnishi, Shien's Chancellor SR Warrior /10
Super Conductor TyrannoSuper Conductor Tyranno SR Dinosaur /10
Rainbow OverdragonRainbow Overdragon SR Dragon /10
The Fabled CatsithThe Fabled Catsith SR Beast /10
The Fabled UnicoreThe Fabled Unicore SR Beast /10
Panzer DragonPanzer Dragon SR Machine /10
Blade KnightBlade Knight SR Warrior /10
Dawn KnightDawn Knight SR Warrior /10
Bujin YamatoBujin Yamato SR Beast-Warrior /10
Paladin of the Cursed DragonPaladin of the Cursed Dragon SR Zombie /10
The Agent of CreationThe Agent of Creation SR Fairy /10
Mirage KnightMirage Knight SR Warrior /10
Trident WarriorTrident Warrior SR Warrior /10
Powered InzektronPowered Inzektron SR Machine /10
Mithra the Thunder VassalMithra the Thunder Vassal SR Thunder /10
Zaborg the Thunder MonarchZaborg the Thunder Monarch SR Thunder /10
Defender the Magical KnightDefender, the Magical Knight SR Spellcaster /10
Vylon EpsilonVylon Epsilon SR Fairy /10
Morphtronic ScopenMorphtronic Scopen SR Machine /10
CameraclopsCameraclops SR Warrior /10
Ryko Lightsworn HunterRyko, Lightsworn Hunter SR Beast-Warrior /10
Sacred Arch-Airknight ParshathSacred Arch-Airknight Parshath SR Fairy /10
Worm XexWorm Xex SR Reptile /10
Soprano the Melodious SongstressSoprano the Melodious Songstress SR Fairy /10
Nova SummonerNova Summoner SR Fairy /10
Arcana Force EX - The Dark RulerArcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler SR Fairy /10
Valkyrie SechsteValkyrie Sechste SR Fairy /10
Valkyrie SigrunValkyrie Sigrun SR Fairy /10
Paladin of White DragonPaladin of White Dragon SR Dragon /10
Herald of CreationHerald of Creation SR Spellcaster /10
Ninja Grandmaster SasukeNinja Grandmaster Sasuke SR Warrior /10
Superalloy Beast RaptinusSuperalloy Beast Raptinus SR Dragon /10
Jain Lightsworn PaladinJain, Lightsworn Paladin SR Warrior /10
Kaiser GliderKaiser Glider SR Dragon /10
Alexandrite DragonAlexandrite Dragon SR Dragon /10
UFOroid FighterUFOroid Fighter SR Machine /10
Theinen the Great SphinxTheinen the Great Sphinx SR Beast /10
Secret Six Samurai - RihanSecret Six Samurai - Rihan SR Warrior /10
Noble Knight DrystanNoble Knight Drystan SR Warrior /10
Silent Swordsman LV5Silent Swordsman LV5 SR Warrior /10
D.D.M. - Different Dimension MasterD.D.M. - Different Dimension Master SR Spellcaster /10
Photon WyvernPhoton Wyvern SR Dragon /10
Fabled SoulkiusFabled Soulkius SR Fiend /10
Soul of Purity and LightSoul of Purity and Light SR Fairy /10
Batteryman Micro-CellBatteryman Micro-Cell SR Thunder /10
Genex NeutronGenex Neutron SR Machine /10
The White Stone of LegendThe White Stone of Legend SR Dragon /10
Azure-Eyes Silver DragonAzure-Eyes Silver Dragon SR Dragon /10
Fabled RavenFabled Raven SR Fiend /10
Fabled RaginFabled Ragin SR Fiend /10
Bujingi CraneBujingi Crane SR Winged Beast /10
Metaphys DeadalusMetaphys Deadalus SR Wyrm /10
Cosmic Fortress GolCosmic Fortress Gol'Gar SR Reptile /10
Shining AngelShining Angel SR Fairy /10
Star EaterStar Eater SR Dragon /10
Fortune Lady EveryFortune Lady Every SR Spellcaster /10
Lightpulsar DragonLightpulsar Dragon SR Dragon /10
Batteryman 9-VoltBatteryman 9-Volt SR Thunder /10
Cyber Dragon CoreCyber Dragon Core SR Machine /10
Raiden Hand of the LightswornRaiden, Hand of the Lightsworn SR Warrior /10
Sage with Eyes of BlueSage with Eyes of Blue SR Spellcaster /10
Altergeist MarionetterAltergeist Marionetter SR Spellcaster /10
Odd-Eyes Saber DragonOdd-Eyes Saber Dragon SR Dragon /10
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon SR Thunder /10
Time WizardTime Wizard SR Spellcaster /10
Thunder DragonThunder Dragon SR Thunder /10
Mythical Beast CerberusMythical Beast Cerberus SR Spellcaster /10
Toy MagicianToy Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Blue-Eyes Toon DragonBlue-Eyes Toon Dragon SR Dragon /10
Gilford the LightningGilford the Lightning SR Warrior /10
White Magical HatWhite Magical Hat SR Spellcaster /10
Mei-Kou Master of BarriersMei-Kou, Master of Barriers SR Spellcaster /10
Divin Knight IshzarkDivine Knight Ishzark SR Warrior /10
Chaos Command MagicianChaos Command Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Overdrive TeleporterOverdrive Teleporter SR Psychic /10
CopycatCopycat SR Spellcaster /10
Bountiful ArtemisBountiful Artemis SR Fairy /10
Neo-Parshath the Sky PaladinNeo-Parshath the Sky Paladin SR Fairy /10
Winged KuribohWinged Kuriboh SR Fairy /10
White Night QueenWhite Night Queen SR Fairy /10
Ojama BlueOjama Blue SR Beast /10
Homunculus the Alchemic BeingHomunculus the Alchemic Being SR Plant /10
Guardian of FelgrandGuardian of Felgrand SR Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Thunder GiantElemental HERO Thunder Giant SR Warrior /10
Cyber PrimaCyber Prima SR Warrior /10
Cyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel Dakini SR Fairy /10
Milla the Temporal MagicianMilla the Temporal Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Electromagnetic BagwormElectromagnetic Bagworm SR Insect /10
Emes the InfinityEmes the Infinity SR Machine /10
RaRa's Disciple SR Fairy /10
Cyber Laser DragonCyber Laser Dragon SR Machine /10
Cyber Dragon ZweiCyber Dragon Zwei SR Machine /10
The Light - Hex-Sealed FusionThe Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion SR Rock /10
Aromage JasmineAromage Jasmine SR Plant /10
BiofalconBiofalcon SR Machine /10
Phantom Beast Thunder PegasusPhantom Beast Thunder Pegasus SR Beast-Warrior /10
Phantom Beast Cross-WingPhantom Beast Cross-Wing SR Beast-Warrior /10
Golden HomunculusGolden Homunculus SR Warrior /10
Tethys Goddess of LightTethys, Goddess of Light SR Fairy /10
Zeradias Herald of HeavenZeradias, Herald of Heaven SR Fairy /10
Radiant JeralRadiant Jeral SR Fairy /10
Harvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of Wisdom SR Fairy /10
Elemental HERO Shining Flare WingmanElemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman SR Warrior /10
Lightray MadoorLightray Madoor SR Spellcaster /10
Herald of Purple LightHerald of Purple Light SR Fairy /10
Cyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon Drei SR Machine /10
Skilled White MagicianSkilled White Magician SR Spellcaster /10
WattfoxWattfox SR Thunder /10
Sunlight UnicornSunlight Unicorn SR Beast /10
Morphtronic CameranMorphtronic Cameran SR Machine /10
Elemental Grace DoriadoElemental Grace Doriado SR Spellcaster /10
Cupid VolleyCupid Volley SR Fairy /10
Hunter of Black FeathersHunter of Black Feathers SR Beast-Warrior /10
HanewataHanewata SR Fairy /10
Vylon TetraVylon Tetra SR Machine /10
Diana the Light SpiritDiana the Light Spirit SR Thunder /10
Winged Kuriboh LV9Winged Kuriboh LV9 SR Fairy /10
Vylon DeltaVylon Delta SR Fairy /10
Chaos GoddessChaos Goddess SR Fairy /10
Crusader of EndymionCrusader of Endymion SR Spellcaster /10
Charging Gaia the Fierce KnightCharging Gaia the Fierce Knight SR Warrior /10
Genesis DragonGenesis Dragon SR Dragon /10
Vylon AlphaVylon Alpha SR Machine /10
Dwarf Star Dragon PlaneterDwarf Star Dragon Planeter SR Dragon /10
Morphtronic LantronMorphtronic Lantron SR Machine /10
Silent PaladinSilent Paladin SR Fairy /10
Arcana Force XVIII - The MoonArcana Force XVIII - The Moon SR Fairy /10
Arcana Force XIV - TemperanceArcana Force XIV - Temperance SR Fairy /10
Arcana Force VII - The ChariotArcana Force VII - The Chariot SR Fairy /10
Arcana Force III -  The EmpressArcana Force III - The Empress SR Fairy /10
Arcana Force I - The MagicianArcana Force I - The Magician SR Fairy /10
Golden Dragon SummonerGolden Dragon Summoner SR Spellcaster /10
Splendid VenusSplendid Venus SR Fairy /10
Noble KnightNoble Knight's Shield-Bearer SR Warrior /10
Vylon SphereVylon Sphere SR Machine /10
Noble KnightNoble Knight's Spearholder SR Warrior /10
Thunder DragonmatrixThunder Dragonmatrix SR Thunder /10
Krystal DragonKrystal Dragon SR Dragon /10
Constellar AlgiediConstellar Algiedi SR Spellcaster /10
Cyber Dragon VierCyber Dragon Vier SR Machine /10
Constellar ZubeneschamaliConstellar Zubeneschamali SR Machine /10
Guardian of OrderGuardian of Order SR Warrior /10
Constellar SheratanConstellar Sheratan SR Beast /10
Centaur MinaCentaur Mina SR Beast-Warrior /10
Sun Dragon IntiSun Dragon Inti SR Dragon /10
ApocatequilApocatequil SR Thunder /10
Herald of Green LightHerald of Green Light SR Fairy /10
Solitaire MagicianSolitaire Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Aromaseraphy AngelicaAromaseraphy Angelica SR Plant /10
Artifact ChakramArtifact Chakram SR Fairy /10
Banisher of the LightBanisher of the Light SR Fairy /10
Fairy Tail - RellaFairy Tail - Rella SR Spellcaster /10
Mekk-Knight Green HorizonMekk-Knight Green Horizon SR Psychic /10
Majestic DragonMajestic Dragon SR Dragon /10
MagicatMagicat SR Spellcaster /10
Cupid ServeCupid Serve SR Fairy /10
Mystical Knight of JackalMystical Knight of Jackal SR Beast-Warrior /10
Frequency MagicianFrequency Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Fabled AshenveilFabled Ashenveil SR Fiend /10
Little FairyLittle Fairy SR Fairy /10
Archlord ZeratoArchlord Zerato SR Fairy /10
AthenaAthena SR Fairy /10
Phosphorage the Elemental LordPhosphorage the Elemental Lord SR Fairy /10
Ehren Lightsworn MonkEhren, Lightsworn Monk SR Warrior /10
Satellarknight AltairSatellarknight Altair SR Warrior /10
Bujintei TsukuyomiBujintei Tsukuyomi SR Beast-Warrior /10
Melomelody the Brass DjinnMelomelody the Brass Djinn SR Fiend /10
Number 25 Force FocusNumber 25: Force Focus SR Machine /10
Antidote NurseAntidote Nurse SR Machine /10
Star Seraph SovereigntyStar Seraph Sovereignty SR Fairy /10
Noble Knight PellinoreNoble Knight Pellinore SR Warrior /10
Hieratic Dragon of TefnuitHieratic Dragon of Tefnuit SR Dragon /10
Constellar SombreConstellar Sombre SR Fairy /10
Constellar PolluxConstellar Pollux SR Warrior /10
Sacred Noble Knight of King CustenninSacred Noble Knight of King Custennin SR Warrior /10
Hieratic Dragon King of AtumHieratic Dragon King of Atum SR Dragon /10
Number 91 Thunder Spark DragonNumber 91: Thunder Spark Dragon SR Dragon /10
Tiras Keeper of GenesisTiras, Keeper of Genesis SR Fairy /10
Vylon DisigmaVylon Disigma SR Fairy /10
Silver GadgetSilver Gadget SR Machine /10
Number 46 DragluonNumber 46: Dragluon SR Dragon /10
Bujinki AmaterasuBujinki Amaterasu SR Beast-Warrior /10
Sylvan PrincesspriteSylvan Princessprite SR Plant /10
Stardust XiaolongStardust Xiaolong SR Dragon /10
Photon CrusherPhoton Crusher SR Warrior /10
MagicianMagician's Valkyria SR Spellcaster /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Neo the Magic SwordsmanNeo the Magic Swordsman R Spellcaster /10
Currently UnavailableGuldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts R Beast /10
Currently UnavailableValkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant R Fairy /10
Currently UnavailableWatthydra R Thunder /10
Rider of the Storm WindsRider of the Storm Winds R Dragon /10
Hieratic Dragon of SuHieratic Dragon of Su R Dragon /10
Hieratic Dragon of NebthetHieratic Dragon of Nebthet R Dragon /10
Hieratic Dragon of EsetHieratic Dragon of Eset R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableHieratic Dragon of Nuit R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableWattaildragon R Dragon /10
Paladin of FelgrandPaladin of Felgrand R Warrior /10
Dragon Knight of CreationDragon Knight of Creation R Dragon /10
Elemental HERO VolticElemental HERO Voltic R Thunder /10
Elemental HERO FlashElemental HERO Flash R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Neos KnightElemental HERO Neos Knight R Warrior /10
Wind-Up KnightWind-Up Knight R Warrior /10
Worm WarlordWorm Warlord R Reptile /10
Worm VictoryWorm Victory R Reptile /10
Worm KingWorm King R Reptile /10
Torque Tune GearTorque Tune Gear R Machine /10
The Fabled RubyrudaThe Fabled Rubyruda R Beast /10
Fabled LeviathanFabled Leviathan R Fiend /10
Beginning KnightBeginning Knight R Warrior /10
Guardian of the Throne RoomGuardian of the Throne Room R Machine /10
Sanga of the ThunderSanga of the Thunder R Thunder /10
Bujin ArasudaBujin Arasuda R Beast-Warrior /10
Bujingi CentipedeBujingi Centipede R Beast /10
Bujingi BoarBujingi Boar R Beast /10
DaybreakerDaybreaker R Warrior /10
Sacred CraneSacred Crane R Winged Beast /10
Silent Magician LV4Silent Magician LV4 R Spellcaster /10
Thunder UnicornThunder Unicorn R Beast /10
Moonlit PapillonMoonlit Papillon R Insect /10
Mekk-Knight AvramMekk-Knight Avram R Psychic /10
PrinzessinPrinzessin R Fairy /10
Legendary Knight HermosLegendary Knight Hermos R Warrior /10
Legendary Knight CritiasLegendary Knight Critias R Warrior /10
Legendary Knight TimaeusLegendary Knight Timaeus R Warrior /10
Goddess BowGoddess Bow R Warrior /10
Tyrant Burst DragonTyrant Burst Dragon R Dragon /10
Timaeus the Knight of DestinyTimaeus the Knight of Destiny R Warrior /10
Vylon SigmaVylon Sigma R Fairy /10
Vylon StellaVylon Stella R Fairy /10
Vylon CubeVylon Cube R Machine /10
Morphtronic RadionMorphtronic Radion R Thunder /10
Arcanite Magician/Assault ModeArcanite Magician/Assault Mode R Spellcaster /10
Ascension Sky DragonAscension Sky Dragon R Dragon /10
Noble Knight BrothersNoble Knight Brothers R Warrior /10
Worm YaganWorm Yagan R Reptile /10
Worm QueenWorm Queen R Reptile /10
Canon the Melodious DivaCanon the Melodious Diva R Fairy /10
Mozarta the Melodious MaestraMozarta the Melodious Maestra R Fairy /10
Sonata the Melodious DivaSonata the Melodious Diva R Fairy /10
White Dragon NinjaWhite Dragon Ninja R Dragon /10
Ultimate Axon KickerUltimate Axon Kicker R Psychic /10
Bloom Prima the Melodious ChoirBloom Prima the Melodious Choir R Fairy /10
Trickstar LilybellTrickstar Lilybell R Fairy /10
WattcobraWattcobra R Thunder /10
WattpheasantWattpheasant R Thunder /10
Valkyrie VierteValkyrie Vierte R Fairy /10
Valkyrie DritteValkyrie Dritte R Fairy /10
Valkyrie ZweiteValkyrie Zweite R Fairy /10
Valkyrie ErdaValkyrie Erda R Fairy /10
Vylon OhmVylon Ohm R Fairy /10
Lyna The Light CharmerLyna The Light Charmer R Spellcaster /10
Divine Dragon - ExcelionDivine Dragon - Excelion R Dragon /10
SkelengelSkelengel R Fairy /10
Ancient DragonAncient Dragon R Dragon /10
Vylon ChargerVylon Charger R Fairy /10
Cú Chulainn the AwakenedCú Chulainn the Awakened R Warrior /10
Elemental Mistress DoriadoElemental Mistress Doriado R Spellcaster /10
Element ValkyrieElement Valkyrie R Fairy /10
Element SaurusElement Saurus R Dinosaur /10
Element DragonElement Dragon R Dragon /10
TenshinTenshin R Fairy /10
Magnetic MosquitoMagnetic Mosquito R Insect /10
Angel O7Angel O7 R Fairy /10
The Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl R Spellcaster /10
TevaTeva R Warrior /10
DreamspriteDreamsprite R Plant /10
Luminous SoldierLuminous Soldier R Warrior /10
Wattsychic FighterWattsychic Fighter R Psychic /10
Knight Day GrepherKnight Day Grepher R Warrior /10
SishunderSishunder R Thunder /10
Lightray GrepherLightray Grepher R Warrior /10
Psychic EmperorPsychic Emperor R Psychic /10
Ancient Crimson ApeAncient Crimson Ape R Beast /10
Fabled LurrieFabled Lurrie R Fiend /10
The CalculatorThe Calculator R Thunder /10
The Creator IncarnateThe Creator Incarnate R Warrior /10
YZ-Tank DragonYZ-Tank Dragon R Machine /10
XZ-Tank CannonXZ-Tank Cannon R Machine /10
Z-Metal TankZ-Metal Tank R Machine /10
XY-Dragon CannonXY-Dragon Cannon R Machine /10
Y-Dragon HeadY-Dragon Head R Machine /10
X-Head CannonX-Head Cannon R Machine /10
Card BreakerCard Breaker R Warrior /10
DUCKER Mobile CannonDUCKER Mobile Cannon R Machine /10
Cyber DinosaurCyber Dinosaur R Machine /10
Outstanding Dog MarronOutstanding Dog Marron R Beast /10
Worm ZeroWorm Zero R Reptile /10
Worm LinxWorm Linx R Reptile /10
Worm JetelikpseWorm Jetelikpse R Reptile /10
Worm CartarosWorm Cartaros R Reptile /10
Worm ApocalypseWorm Apocalypse R Reptile /10
VW-Tiger CatapultVW-Tiger Catapult R Machine /10
W-Wing CatapultW-Wing Catapult R Machine /10
V-Tiger JetV-Tiger Jet R Machine /10
KingKing's Knight R Warrior /10
The Despair UranusThe Despair Uranus R Rock /10
Elemental HERO Captain GoldElemental HERO Captain Gold R Warrior /10
Golden LadybugGolden Ladybug R Insect /10
Gragonith Lightsworn DragonGragonith, Lightsworn Dragon R Dragon /10
Garoth Lightsworn WarriorGaroth, Lightsworn Warrior R Warrior /10
Cybernetic MagicianCybernetic Magician R Spellcaster /10
Gladiator Beast AlexanderGladiator Beast Alexander R Beast /10
Neo Space PathfinderNeo Space Pathfinder R Warrior /10
Disciple of the Forbidden SpellDisciple of the Forbidden Spell R Warrior /10
UFOroidUFOroid R Machine /10
Sphinx TeleiaSphinx Teleia R Beast /10
Andro SphinxAndro Sphinx R Beast /10
Bujingi SinyouBujingi Sinyou R Beast /10
Bujingi HareBujingi Hare R Beast /10
Bujingi QuilinBujingi Quilin R Beast /10
Bujin HirumeBujin Hirume R Beast-Warrior /10
Bujin MikazuchiBujin Mikazuchi R Beast-Warrior /10
Noble Knight PeredurNoble Knight Peredur R Warrior /10
Noble Knight BorzNoble Knight Borz R Warrior /10
Noble Knight GawaynNoble Knight Gawayn R Warrior /10
Noble Knight ArtorigusNoble Knight Artorigus R Warrior /10
Hieratic Dragon of AsarHieratic Dragon of Asar R Dragon /10
The Fabled GanashiaThe Fabled Ganashia R Beast /10
Fabled GallabasFabled Gallabas R Fiend /10
Kabuki DragonKabuki Dragon R Dragon /10
Hieratic Dragon of GebebHieratic Dragon of Gebeb R Dragon /10
Fabled DianairaFabled Dianaira R Fiend /10
Armed Protector DragonArmed Protector Dragon R Dragon /10
Hieratic Dragon of SutekhHieratic Dragon of Sutekh R Dragon /10
The Fabled KokkatorThe Fabled Kokkator R Beast /10
Wulf Lightsworn BeastWulf, Lightsworn Beast R Beast-Warrior /10
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech DragonSuper-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon R Thunder /10
Batteryman SolarBatteryman Solar R Thunder /10
Batteryman ChargerBatteryman Charger R Thunder /10
Batteryman AABatteryman AA R Thunder /10
Batteryman DBatteryman D R Thunder /10
Genex SolarGenex Solar R Machine /10
Priestess with Eyes of BluePriestess with Eyes of Blue R Spellcaster /10
Protector with Eyes of BlueProtector with Eyes of Blue R Spellcaster /10
Galaxy SerpentGalaxy Serpent R Dragon /10
The Fabled ChawaThe Fabled Chawa R Beast /10
Fabled ValkyrusFabled Valkyrus R Fiend /10
Fabled KrusFabled Krus R Fiend /10
Fabled KushanoFabled Kushano R Fiend /10
The Fabled KudabbiThe Fabled Kudabbi R Beast /10
HecatriceHecatrice R Fairy /10
WattmoleWattmole R Thunder /10
WattdragonflyWattdragonfly R Thunder /10
The Agent of Miracles - JupiterThe Agent of Miracles - Jupiter R Fairy /10
Metaphys Tyrant DragonMetaphys Tyrant Dragon R Wyrm /10
Magical AndroidMagical Android R Psychic /10
Bright Star DragonBright Star Dragon R Dragon /10
Metaphys NephthysMetaphys Nephthys R Wyrm /10
Deep-Space Cruiser IXDeep-Space Cruiser IX R Machine /10
D.D. Unicorn KnightD.D. Unicorn Knight R Warrior /10
Assault ArmorLegendary Six Samurai - Enishi R Warrior /10
Clear EffectorClear Effector R Spellcaster /10
Sage of SilenceSage of Silence R Spellcaster /10
Majestic Mech - OhkaMajestic Mech - Ohka R Fairy /10
Hyper SynchronHyper Synchron R Machine /10
Alien DogAlien Dog R Reptile /10
Elementsaber LapauilaElementsaber Lapauila R Warrior /10
Batteryman Fuel CellBatteryman Fuel Cell R Thunder /10
Level WarriorLevel Warrior R Warrior /10
TuningwareTuningware R Machine /10
Junk CollectorJunk Collector R Warrior /10
PSY-Framegear AlphaPSY-Framegear Alpha R Psychic /10
Artifact CaduceusArtifact Caduceus R Fairy /10
Artifact BeagalltachArtifact Beagalltach R Fairy /10
PSY-Framelord ZetaPSY-Framelord Zeta R Psychic /10
Felis Lightsworn ArcherFelis, Lightsworn Archer R Beast-Warrior /10
Lumina Lightsworn SummonerLumina, Lightsworn Summoner R Spellcaster /10
Judgment The Dragon of HeavenJudgment, The Dragon of Heaven R Dragon /10
Rescue InterlaceRescue Interlace R Cyberse /10
Paladin of Storm DragonPaladin of Storm Dragon R Cyberse /10
DisenchanterDisenchanter R Spellcaster /10
World of ProphecyWorld of Prophecy R Spellcaster /10
The Weather Painter ThunderThe Weather Painter Thunder R Fairy /10
Performapal ThunderhinoPerformapal Thunderhino R Rock /10
Ruin Angel of OblivionRuin, Angel of Oblivion R Fairy /10
WingweaverWingweaver R Fairy /10
White PotanWhite Potan R Fairy /10
Voltic KongVoltic Kong R Beast /10
Vivid KnightVivid Knight R Beast-Warrior /10
Victory Viper XX03Victory Viper XX03 R Machine /10
Trust GuardianTrust Guardian R Fairy /10
The Stern MysticThe Stern Mystic R Spellcaster /10
The Immortal of ThunderThe Immortal of Thunder R Thunder /10
Spirit of the HarpSpirit of the Harp R Fairy /10
Spirit CallerSpirit Caller R Spellcaster /10
Spellstone Sorcerer KaroodSpellstone Sorcerer Karood R Spellcaster /10
Shining AbyssShining Abyss R Fairy /10
SearchlightmanSearchlightman R Machine /10
Rogue DollRogue Doll R Spellcaster /10
Rocket WarriorRocket Warrior R Warrior /10
Proto-Cyber DragonProto-Cyber Dragon R Machine /10
Protective Soul AilinProtective Soul Ailin R Fairy /10
Ojama KnightOjama Knight R Beast /10
Mystical ElfMystical Elf R Spellcaster /10
Mirror ResonatorMirror Resonator R Fiend /10
Mirage DragonMirage Dragon R Dragon /10
Miracle FlipperMiracle Flipper R Spellcaster /10
Magna-Slash DragonMagna-Slash Dragon R Dragon /10
Lunar Queen ElzaimLunar Queen Elzaim R Fairy /10
Lightray GearfriedLightray Gearfried R Warrior /10
Lightray DiabolosLightray Diabolos R Dragon /10
Light EffigyLight Effigy R Fairy /10
Layard the LiberatorLayard the Liberator R Fairy /10
Jenis Lightsworn MenderJenis, Lightsworn Mender R Spellcaster /10
Jade KnightJade Knight R Machine /10
HyozanryuHyozanryu R Dragon /10
Helping Robo for CombatHelping Robo for Combat R Machine /10
Guiding LightGuiding Light R Fairy /10
Goddess with the Third EyeGoddess with the Third Eye R Fairy /10
Goddess of WhimGoddess of Whim R Fairy /10
Giltia the D. KnightGiltia the D. Knight R Warrior /10
GeninGenin R Spellcaster /10
Freya Spirit of VictoryFreya, Spirit of Victory R Fairy /10
Freed the Brave WandererFreed the Brave Wanderer R Warrior /10
Energy BraveryEnergy Bravery R Warrior /10
Emperor SemEmperor Sem R Fiend /10
Elemental HERO SparkmanElemental HERO Sparkman R Warrior /10
Divine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon Ragnarok R Dragon /10
Dawknbreak GardnaDawknbreak Gardna R Warrior /10
Cyber Petit AngelCyber Petit Angel R Fairy /10
Cyber KirinCyber Kirin R Machine /10
Cyber Barrier DragonCyber Barrier Dragon R Machine /10
Cyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel Idaten R Fairy /10
Cyber Angel BentenCyber Angel Benten R Fairy /10
Crystal Beast Ruby CarbuncleCrystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle R Fairy /10
Constellar VirgoConstellar Virgo R Fairy /10
Constellar AntaresConstellar Antares R Machine /10
Constellar AldebaranConstellar Aldebaran R Beast-Warrior /10
Arcana Force VI - The LoversArcana Force VI - The Lovers R Fairy /10
Arcana Force IV - The EmperorArcana Force IV - The Emperor R Fairy /10
A/D ChangerA/D Changer R Warrior /10
Bujingi CrowBujingi Crow R Winged Beast /10
Bujingi WolfBujingi Wolf R Beast /10
Satellarknight UnukalhaiSatellarknight Unukalhai R Warrior /10
Satellarknight VegaSatellarknight Vega R Warrior /10
Bujintei SusanowoBujintei Susanowo R Beast-Warrior /10
Number 18 Heraldry PatriarchNumber 18: Heraldry Patriarch R Psychic /10
Parsec the Interstellar DragonParsec, the Interstellar Dragon R Dragon /10
KurivoltKurivolt R Thunder /10
Digital Bug WebsolderDigital Bug Websolder R Insect /10
Star Seraph ScaleStar Seraph Scale R Fairy /10
Star Seraph ScoutStar Seraph Scout R Fairy /10
Constellar KausConstellar Kaus R Beast-Warrior /10
Digital Bug RhinosebusDigital Bug Rhinosebus R Insect /10
Digital Bug CorebageDigital Bug Corebage R Insect /10
Digital Bug ScaradiatorDigital Bug Scaradiator R Insect /10
Constellar OmegaConstellar Omega R Beast-Warrior /10
ButenButen R Fairy /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Worm PrinceWorm Prince N Reptile /10
Worm RakuyehWorm Rakuyeh N Reptile /10
Worm GulseWorm Gulse N Reptile /10
Genex Power PlannerGenex Power Planner N Spellcaster /10
Bujingi PavoBujingi Pavo N Winged Beast /10
Bujingi WargBujingi Warg N Beast /10
Bujingi IbisBujingi Ibis N Winged Beast /10
Bujingi OphidianBujingi Ophidian N Winged Beast /10
Healing Wave GeneratorHealing Wave Generator N Machine /10
Majestic Mech - SenkuMajestic Mech - Senku N Fairy /10
Sand GamblerSand Gambler N Spellcaster /10
Mystical Shine BallMystical Shine Ball N Fairy /10
Uni-Horned FamiliarUni-Horned Familiar N Beast /10
MonocerosMonoceros N Beast /10
Ill WitchIll Witch N Spellcaster /10
MagidogMagidog N Spellcaster /10
Rock Hermos CannonRock Hermos Cannon N Warrior /10
Time Magic HammerTime Magic Hammer N Spellcaster /10
Power Angel ValkyriaPower Angel Valkyria N Fairy /10
Minerva Scholar of the SkyMinerva, Scholar of the Sky N Fairy /10
Gwenhwyfar Queen of Noble ArmsGwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms N Spellcaster /10
Lady of the LakeLady of the Lake N Aqua /10
Helios Duo MegistusHelios Duo Megistus N Pyro /10
Helios - The Primordial SunHelios - The Primordial Sun N Pyro /10
Worm HopeWorm Hope N Reptile /10
Hourglass of LifeHourglass of Life N Fairy /10
Worm IllidanWorm Illidan N Reptile /10
Solo the Melodious SongstressSolo the Melodious Songstress N Fairy /10
Tamtam the Melodious DivaTamtam the Melodious Diva N Fairy /10
Opera the Melodious DivaOpera the Melodious Diva N Fairy /10
Shopina the Melodious MaestraShopina the Melodious Maestra N Fairy /10
EleGraveyard the Melodious DivaElegy the Melodious Diva N Fairy /10
Serenade the Melodious DivaSerenade the Melodious Diva N Fairy /10
Supreme Arcanite MagicianSupreme Arcanite Magician N Spellcaster /10
Spirit of the Pot of GreedSpirit of the Pot of Greed N Fairy /10
Trickstar NarkissusTrickstar Narkissus N Fairy /10
WattgiraffeWattgiraffe N Thunder /10
Valkyrie FunfteValkyrie Funfte N Fairy /10
Element MagicianElement Magician N Spellcaster /10
Guardian TryceGuardian Tryce N Thunder /10
Skull GuardianSkull Guardian N Warrior /10
Hourglass of CourageHourglass of Courage N Fairy /10
Rai-MeiRai-Mei N Thunder /10
Rai-JinRai-Jin N Thunder /10
ScannerScanner N Machine /10
Radiant SpiritRadiant Spirit N Reptile /10
WataponWatapon N Fairy /10
Emissary of the OasisEmissary of the Oasis N Spellcaster /10
Absorbing Kid from the SkyAbsorbing Kid from the Sky N Fairy /10
Magical MerchantMagical Merchant N Insect /10
Servant of CatabolismServant of Catabolism N Aqua /10
Triple Star TrionTriple Star Trion N Warrior /10
Lord British Space FighterLord British Space Fighter N Machine /10
FalchionβFalchionβ N Machine /10
Theban NightmareTheban Nightmare N Fiend /10
White Magician PikeruWhite Magician Pikeru N Spellcaster /10
GradiusGradius' Option N Machine /10
GradiusGradius N Machine /10
Moisture CreatureMoisture Creature N Fairy /10
MahunderMahunder N Thunder /10
PahunderPahunder N Thunder /10
Delta TriDelta Tri N Machine /10
Armor ExeArmor Exe N Rock /10
Fabled TopiFabled Topi N Fiend /10
White NinjaWhite Ninja N Warrior /10
Sasuke Samurai #3Sasuke Samurai #3 N Warrior /10
Worm UglyWorm Ugly N Reptile /10
Worm TentaclesWorm Tentacles N Reptile /10
Worm SolidWorm Solid N Reptile /10
Worm OperaWorm Opera N Reptile /10
Worm ErokinWorm Erokin N Reptile /10
Worm DimiklesWorm Dimikles N Reptile /10
Worm BarsesWorm Barses N Reptile /10
JackJack's Knight N Warrior /10
QueenQueen's Knight N Warrior /10
Hysteric FairyHysteric Fairy N Fairy /10
Plasma BallPlasma Ball N Thunder /10
Mirror LadybugMirror Ladybug N Insect /10
Golden Flying FishGolden Flying Fish N Fish /10
Flying Saucer MussikFlying Saucer Mussik'i N Machine /10
Cosmic Horror GangiCosmic Horror Gangi'el N Reptile /10
Alien GreyAlien Grey N Reptile /10
Mokey Mokey KingMokey Mokey King N Fairy /10
Mokey MokeyMokey Mokey N Fairy /10
Desrook ArchfiendDesrook Archfiend N Fiend /10
Rinyan Lightsworn RogueRinyan, Lightsworn Rogue N Beast /10
Shire Lightsworn SpiritShire, Lightsworn Spirit N Fairy /10
Aurkus Lightsworn DruidAurkus, Lightsworn Druid N Beast-Warrior /10
Phantom DragonPhantom Dragon N Dragon /10
Blue Thunder T-45Blue Thunder T-45 N Machine /10
Sage of StillnessSage of Stillness N Spellcaster /10
Worm NobleWorm Noble N Reptile /10
Worm MillidithWorm Millidith N Reptile /10
Worm FalcoWorm Falco N Reptile /10
Gladiator Beast OctaviusGladiator Beast Octavius N Winged Beast /10
Neo-Spacian Twinkle MossNeo-Spacian Twinkle Moss N Plant /10
Elemental HERO Glow NeosElemental HERO Glow Neos N Warrior /10
Neo-Spacian Glow MossNeo-Spacian Glow Moss N Plant /10
Vylon StigmaVylon Stigma N Fairy /10
Vylon HeptVylon Hept N Fairy /10
Vylon SoldierVylon Soldier N Fairy /10
Vylon VanguardVylon Vanguard N Fairy /10
Vylon TesseractVylon Tesseract N Machine /10
Vylon PentachloroVylon Pentachloro N Machine /10
Bujingi TurtleBujingi Turtle N Beast /10
Noble Knight BedwyrNoble Knight Bedwyr N Warrior /10
Noble Knight GwalchavadNoble Knight Gwalchavad N Warrior /10
Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3 N Warrior /10
Electric SnakeElectric Snake N Thunder /10
Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon OverlordHieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord N Dragon /10
Metal ShooterMetal Shooter N Machine /10
Iris the Earth MotherIris, the Earth Mother N Fairy /10
Hieratic Seal of the Dragon KingHieratic Seal of the Dragon King N Dragon /10
Photon CerberusPhoton Cerberus N Beast /10
Batteryman AAABatteryman AAA N Thunder /10
Batteryman CBatteryman C N Thunder /10
Shine KnightShine Knight N Warrior /10
Future SamuraiFuture Samurai N Warrior /10
Fabled DyfFabled Dyf N Fiend /10
Ms. JudgeMs. Judge N Fiend /10
Fabled MiztojiFabled Miztoji N Fiend /10
Fabled UrustosFabled Urustos N Fiend /10
The Fabled PeggulsusThe Fabled Peggulsus N Beast /10
Fabled OltroFabled Oltro N Fiend /10
Aurora ParagonAurora Paragon N Fairy /10
The Fabled NozoocheeThe Fabled Nozoochee N Beast /10
Big One WarriorBig One Warrior N Warrior /10
Bujingi SwallowBujingi Swallow N Winged Beast /10
Bujingi RavenBujingi Raven N Winged Beast /10
OtohimeOtohime N Spellcaster /10
The Agent of Wisdom - MercuryThe Agent of Wisdom - Mercury N Fairy /10
Winged Egg of New LifeWinged Egg of New Life N Fairy /10
WattsquirrelWattsquirrel N Thunder /10
WattkiwiWattkiwi N Thunder /10
The Agent of Force - MarsThe Agent of Force - Mars N Fairy /10
Tyr of the Nordic ChampionsTyr of the Nordic Champions N Warrior /10
Ljosalf of the Nordic AlfarLjosalf of the Nordic Alfar N Spellcaster /10
Ryu OkamiRyu Okami N Wyrm /10
Metaphys ExecutorMetaphys Executor N Wyrm /10
Metaphys Armed DragonMetaphys Armed Dragon N Wyrm /10
Noble Knight JoanNoble Knight Joan N Warrior /10
Fleur SynchronFleur Synchron N Machine /10
Road SynchronRoad Synchron N Machine /10
Alien KidAlien Kid N Reptile /10
Majestic Mech - GoryuMajestic Mech - Goryu N Fairy /10
Lemon Magician GirlLemon Magician Girl N Spellcaster /10
Key MaceKey Mace N Fairy /10
Chaos-End MasterChaos-End Master N Warrior /10
Lightray SorcererLightray Sorcerer N Spellcaster /10
Bujingi FoxBujingi Fox N Beast /10
Blackwing - Aurora the Northern LightsBlackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights N Winged Beast /10
Light End DragonLight End Dragon N Dragon /10
Stardust PhantomStardust Phantom N Spellcaster /10
PSY-Frame DriverPSY-Frame Driver N Psychic /10
Constellar AlreschaConstellar Alrescha N Warrior /10
Constellar AcubensConstellar Acubens N Machine /10
Constellar LeonisConstellar Leonis N Beast /10
PSY-Frame Multi-ThreaderPSY-Frame Multi-Threader N Psychic /10
PSY-Framegear EpsilonPSY-Framegear Epsilon N Psychic /10
Artifact MjollnirArtifact Mjollnir N Fairy /10
Artifact LabrysArtifact Labrys N Fairy /10
Artifact AchilleshieldArtifact Achilleshield N Fairy /10
Artifact AegisArtifact Aegis N Fairy /10
Artifact FailnaughtArtifact Failnaught N Fairy /10
Lee the World Chalice FairyLee the World Chalice Fairy N Fairy /10
Minerva Lightsworn MaidenMinerva, Lightsworn Maiden N Spellcaster /10
Master with Eyes of BlueMaster with Eyes of Blue N Spellcaster /10
Link StreamerLink Streamer N Cyberse /10
Cyberse ConverterCyberse Converter N Cyberse /10
Capacitor StalkerCapacitor Stalker N Cyberse /10
Defect CompilerDefect Compiler N Cyberse /10
CliantCliant N Cyberse /10
Pixie KnightPixie Knight N Spellcaster /10
Explosive MagicianExplosive Magician N Spellcaster /10
Helios Trice MegistusHelios Trice Megistus N Pyro /10
Performapal Sky PupilPerformapal Sky Pupil N Spellcaster /10
Performapal Life SwordsmanPerformapal Life Swordsman N Warrior /10
Wing Egg ElfWing Egg Elf N Fairy /10
Muse-AMuse-A N Fairy /10
Constellar RasalhagueConstellar Rasalhague N Spellcaster /10
Lucky TrinketLucky Trinket N Spellcaster /10
Fiend Reflection #2Fiend Reflection #2 N Winged Beast /10
LaMoonLaMoon N Spellcaster /10
EldeenEldeen N Spellcaster /10
Binding ChainBinding Chain N Fairy /10
OcubeamOcubeam N Fairy /10
Moon EnvoyMoon Envoy N Warrior /10
Dark WitchDark Witch N Fairy /10
PrismanPrisman N Rock /10
Extra VeilerExtra Veiler N Spellcaster /10
Chrysalis PinnyChrysalis Pinny N Plant /10
Sunny PixieSunny Pixie N Spellcaster /10
FairyFairy's Gift N Spellcaster /10
Kaiser DragonKaiser Dragon N Dragon /10
TendernessTenderness N Fairy /10
RabidragonRabidragon N Dragon /10
Orion the Battle KingOrion the Battle King N Fairy /10
Ojama YellowOjama Yellow N Beast /10
Ojama GreenOjama Green N Beast /10
Ojama BlackOjama Black N Beast /10
Bio-MageBio-Mage N Fairy /10
HoshiningenHoshiningen N Fairy /10
Lady of FaithLady of Faith N Spellcaster /10
Maiden of the MoonlightMaiden of the Moonlight N Spellcaster /10
Weather ControlWeather Control N Fairy /10
WattkidWattkid N Thunder /10
Shining FriendshipShining Friendship N Fairy /10
Royal KnightRoyal Knight N Fairy /10
Petit AngelPetit Angel N Fairy /10
Mystical Capture ChainMystical Capture Chain N Fairy /10
Happy LoverHappy Lover N Fairy /10
Gyakutenno MegamiGyakutenno Megami N Fairy /10
Ancient ElfAncient Elf N Spellcaster /10
White DustonWhite Duston N Fiend /10
BachibachibachiBachibachibachi N Insect /10
Ganbara LancerGanbara Lancer N Warrior /10
Ganbara KnightGanbara Knight N Warrior /10
Satellarknight RigelSatellarknight Rigel N Warrior /10
Satellarknight BetelgeuseSatellarknight Betelgeuse N Warrior /10
Satellarknight ProcyonSatellarknight Procyon N Warrior /10
Satellarknight SiriusSatellarknight Sirius N Warrior /10
Satellarknight AlsahmSatellarknight Alsahm N Warrior /10
Heraldic Beast UnicornHeraldic Beast Unicorn N Beast /10
Number 8 Heraldic King Genom-HeritageNumber 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage N Psychic /10
Number 69 Heraldry CrestNumber 69: Heraldry Crest N Psychic /10
Overlay EaterOverlay Eater N Reptile /10
Number 56 Gold RatNumber 56: Gold Rat N Beast /10
Radius the Half-Moon DragonRadius, the Half-Moon Dragon N Dragon /10
Fairy ArcherFairy Archer N Fairy /10
Xyz AgentXyz Agent N Spellcaster /10
Digital Bug LEDybugDigital Bug LEDybug N Insect /10
Digital Bug CentibitDigital Bug Centibit N Insect /10
Digital Bug CocoondenserDigital Bug Cocoondenser N Insect /10
Star Seraph SwordStar Seraph Sword N Fairy /10
Star Seraph SageStar Seraph Sage N Fairy /10
Noble Knight IyvanneNoble Knight Iyvanne N Warrior /10
Constellar SiatConstellar Siat N Fairy /10
Constellar PraesepeConstellar Praesepe N Machine /10
Constellar HyadesConstellar Hyades N Beast-Warrior /10

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