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This page contains our ranking for cards in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read for information regarding the best cards to use for PvP.

Last Tier List Update

Tier List Recently Updated On: 10/04/2021

Card Tier List Criteria

The card tier list are rated as individual cards and not as part of a deck.

S-Tier The definitive best cards in the game. It gives you the the most consistent advantage in any Duel, and can be a centerpiece for Decks.
A-Tier Cards found in the A-Tier are great cards that could make its way to the S-Tier soon. Veteran players can use its full potential more often than not.
B-Tier B-Tier cards do not see much play but have to potential to do so. Niche and underrated, but very capable given a certain situation.

Monster Cards Tier List

S Tier

Card Reason
Kiteroid.pngKiteroid Kiteroid being able to block two attacks in what could have been game-enders makes it a popular pick, even in non-Machine Decks.
Chaos Dragon Levianeer.pngChaos Dragon Levianeer The effect that this card brings as soon as it is Summoned, alongside its stellar stats, makes it one of the most splashable "Chaos" monster in the game.
Harpie Channeler.pngHarpie Channeler Being able to Special Summon a fellow "Harpie" from the Deck makes this card an important piece to the archetype's strength. Using the right cards for each of its effects can snowball combo into a massive card advantage.
Elemental HERO Stratos.pngElemental HERO Stratos A card that remains a staple for HERO Decks regardless of its subarchetype; Elemental HERO Stratos provides both offensive power and ability to search, and it also provides backrow destruction when needed.
Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.pngBlue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon All you have to do is reveal a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, and you have a Level 8 beatstick sharing the dragon's original name with an ability to destroy a card once per turn.
Dragon Spirit of White.pngDragon Spirit of White Another key card within "Blue-Eyes" Decks, this card can banish cards whenever it gets Special Summoned. It can also be a catalyst in getting "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" out on the field easier.
Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon.pngBlue-Eyes Spirit Dragon Another key member within a "Blue-Eyes" strategy, this card limits the number of Special Summons each player is planning to do. It can also swap itself out to a fellow Synchro Dragon with the same level.
Vermillion Dragon Mech UR.PNGVermillion Dragon Mech Banishing Tuners from your Graveyard to gain card advantage on the field is a nice trade-off, especially against players not expecting other Synchro Monsters.
Cyber Slash Harpie Lady.pngCyber Slash Harpie Lady Not having to use Tuners when built around an archetype that does not have any is definitely a benefit worth taking advantage of. This card also focuses on returning cards back to the hand whenever a Spell Card is activated; a welcome surprise as most effect negations single out card destruction effects.
Gaia the Magical Knight of Dragons.PNGGaia the Magical Knight of Dragons This monster can quickly scale to have immense attacking power, or it can trade said power for the ability to destroy a pesky card on the field. Given its archetype, it is also surprisingly easy to set up and Fusion Summon for.
Red-Eyes Slash Dragon.PNGRed-Eyes Slash Dragon While the effect requires you to run a couple of Warriors in what should have been a purely Dragon-type Deck for Red-Eyes, the effect gives this card a surprising amount of control and survivability. Having a dedicated Fusion Spell card definitely helps getting this boss monster out quicker by a lot.
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis.pngHieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis While it does need tributes to activate its effect, the cards in the hand can be used for said tribute effect for a chance to clear the field from monsters and the back row with Set or already face-up cards.
Number 70 Malevolent Sin.pngNumber 70: Malevolent Sin This monster can scale endlessly when left alone to attack and destroy monsters, and it also has the ability to temporarily banish a monster of the field for a turn! For any Deck focusing on Rank 4 Xyz Summons, this monster is a good choice to run.

A Tier

Card Reason
Aloof Lupine.PNGAloof Lupine While it is not locked to any one archetype, this card has enabled Decks and archetypes that make use of banishing as a prime way to gain card advantage; a trend that is surely to be explored more in the future.
D D Swirl Slime.pngD/D Swirl Slime While it is primarily a substitute for Fusion Spells for the D/D archetype, its ability to Special Summon a D/D monster from the hand is pretty game-changing, especially for an archetype that relies on chaining Special Summons.
Zubababancho Gagagacoat.jpgZubababancho Gagagacoat This card increased the Xyz Summon rate of the onomatopeia archetypes, and even enabled an easier way to get Xyz Monsters requiring 3 or more Xyz Materials out on the field faster.
Maiden with Eyes of Blue.pngMaiden with Eyes of Blue This card can act as a wall monster all on its own, due to her ability to bring out the Blue-Eyes White Dragon whenever the card is targeted while in Attack Position. It is also a tuner, making it a good monster to consider to use to opt into Synchro Monsters.
The White Stone of Ancients.pngThe White Stone of Ancients The card that single-handedly enabled the "Blue-Eyes" archetype to be as powerful as it can be. The fact that it has synergy with a myriad of support cards makes this a must-have for any Blue-Eyes Deck.
Shooting Star Dragon.jpgShooting Star Dragon A single card and Skill makes this card very easy to summon whenever needed. Combined with its ability to attack multiple times per turn and the ability to negate card destruction effects, this is a card to look out for when against Yusei Fudo.
Red Nova Dragon.pngRed Nova Dragon Much like Shooting Star Dragon, this card has gained massive support and had Decks revolving around this card dominate the competitive meta. Few monsters can compete with a powered-up Red Nova Dragon after having done several Synchro Summons to get this monster out on the field.
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon.pngBlue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon The mere fact that you do not need to use any Fusion Spells to bring out this monster was powerful enough, it had to be immune from battle destruction as well, and able to banish monsters it fought and survived its attacks.
Chimeratech Rampage Dragon.pngChimeratech Rampage Dragon Despite its requirements needing multiple "Cyber Dragon" monsters to maximize its effect, this card is as strong as it is due to Skills from Zane Truesdale supporting the archetype, and the Spell Cards that expands the legal cards to be used as Fusion Material.
Lunalight Sabre Dancer.pngLunalight Sabre Dancer Lunalights happen to use the Graveyard as a secondary resource, and this boss monster makes it to its own advantage with the ATK boost. The card is also immune to targeted card effects, and can give itself a massive damage boost, up to 3000 ATK.
Abyss Dweller.pngAbyss Dweller It may have lower stats compared to other Rank 4 Xyz Monsters, but Abyss Dweller enjoys competitive use due to its effect of locking down the Graveyard from cards activating their effects from there.
Photon Strike Bounzer.pngPhoton Strike Bounzer With the increasing rate of monster effects dominating the meta, this card allows the player to deny a card monster's effect and inflict burn damage afterwards to boot. Getting the Level 6 monsters it requires out on the field to summon this card is well worth the effort.
Gagaga Samurai.pngGagaga Samurai A Monster that can not only redirect incoming attacks to itself, but also grant a fellow "Gagaga" monster a chance to attack twice in a row? This card is as popular as ever, and is a staple among Rank 4 Xyz and Onomatopeia-centric Decks.

B Tier

Card Reason
Deep-Eyes White Dragon.pngDeep-Eyes White Dragon For a last resort monster in the Blue-Eyes archetype, Deep-Eyes White Dragon is often not brought along because it is already strong as is. Burn damage, a monster nuke effect, and the ability to copy high ATK from one of your Dragons are all pretty nifty effects, however.
Jinzo.pngJinzo A classic monster that still maintains a strong presence, Jinzo can deny all trap cards, which are surprisingly strong in Duel Links despite the fast Special Summon focus of the current meta. This card can even be give to other Decks if ther is a set up to summon it fast.
Black Rose Dragon UR.PNGBlack Rose Dragon One of the most convenient monsters to bring out if a player wants to completely nuke the field and reset everything. While it is easy to get this out because of generic requirements, it does have its own "Rose Dragon" archetype to support its other effects.
Heroic Champion - Excalibur.pngHeroic Champion - Excalibur "Heroic" monsters may be a little undedrwhelming, but this card is a suprising powerhouse. It has one chance to double its original ATK to 4000, and with a certain "Heroic" Spell Card it can reach OHKO territory with at least 8000 ATK.
Diamond Dire Wolf.pngDiamond Dire Wolf While it needs to destroy one of your own monsters to even activate this card's effect, it also equals it out by destroying another card on the field. It also helps that the monster types its effect mentions are becoming common archetypes.
Photon Papilloperative.pngPhoton Papilloperative Forcing a monster from defense to face-up Attack Position with an ATK decrease leaves it open for stronger monsters to take dvantage and deal even greated damage. Perfect for facing against Defense-oriented or Stall Decks

Spell Cards Tier List

S Tier

Card Reason
Elegant Egotist.pngElegant Egotist No cost, Special Summons a "Harpie Lady" monster straight from the Deck, and no restrictions in its uses. Thanks to the support the archetype received, this Spell Card has had its stock raised within Duel Links.
Cosmic Cyclone.pngCosmic Cyclone Instead of just destroying Spell or Trap Cards, Cosmic Cyclone banishes them instead. There are some archetypes that manage to refresh used Spell Cards, so this one is a welcome change by banishing instead. Worth the 1000 LP cost.
Enemy Controller.pngEnemy Controller A clutch Quick-Play spell that lets a player change the battle position of a chosen monster, or even perhaps take over it for the time being. Either way, Enemy Controller is still strong as ever even with the faster meta.
Lightning Vortex.pngLightning Vortex Discarding one card to destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls is a plus to your card advantage. Plus, you get to discard a card; if the card you sent has a Graveyard effect, that's even more advantage gained.
Fire Formation - Tenki.pngFire Formation - Tenki This was supposedly meant to be support for the "Fire Formation" archetype, but its effects were so good they were splashed to any possible Beast-Warrior Deck, and gives them additional attacking power.

A Tier

Card Reason
Dark Fusion.PNGDark Fusion Dark Fusion was meant to be exclusive to the "Evil HERO" archetype, but it benefited Fiend-type builds with Fusion Monsters as well, letting them them enjoy the immunity from targeted card effects.
Cyberload Fusion.pngCyberload Fusion This card being a Quick-Play Spell made last-minute Fusion Summoning for the "Cyber Dragon" archetype a strategy. This card has been a key to success to the archetype a lot.
Necrovalley.PNGNecrovalley The card that popularized the ability to lock down the cards in the Graveyard. Up to this day, this card is often seen as an anti-GY card that prevents cards from using it as a secondary resource.
Storm.pngStorm At the cost of destroying all of your Spells and Traps, you get to do the same to your oppponent. Makes even better if there is an effect from one of your Spells and Traps that trigger when destroyed by card effect.
Night Beam.pngNight Beam While it does not destroy Spells or Traps, it does prevent your enemy for activating the chosen Set card until the end of the turn you activated Night Beam. That is enough time to end the game before then.
Dark Ruler No More.pngDark Ruler No More It does sting a little to lose a chance to deal damage to the opponent, but if it means disabling all of their monsters' effects, it is well worth the price. The best thing is that your opponentt cannot activate monster effects to counter this Spell's activation.
Mask Change.PNGMask Change The Quick-Play Spell that the "Masked HERO" archetype revolve around. A sudden change from one powerful monster to another often catches people off-guard, and thus nott many are prepared for the mid-Battle Phase summon of a monster.

B Tier

Card Reason
Power of the Guardians.PNGPower of the Guardians For an Equip Spell that is easily obtainable and farmable, its effects are pretty annoying when left alone long enough. It is also a popular pick during Raid Duels due to its continuous ability to boost your monster's ATK.
Photon Stream of Destruction.jpgPhoton Stream of Destruction Really, you can only activate this card while running "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", but being able to banish a card at any point is a game-changer. The card does not even have any restrictions!
Harpies Hunting Ground.pngHarpies' Hunting Ground Another archetype-exclusive card, this one poses a major threat to all Spell Cards and Trap Cards, including your own. But being able to destroy the back row from Traps and counters while swarming the field is a stellar set-up.
Ancient Rules.pngAncient Rules Only Level 5 or higher Normal Monsters can benefit from this card, but given some of the popular names in clude "Red-Eyes Black Dragon," "Blue-Eyes White Dragon," and "Dark Magician" this card can work theoretically on some Decks that need them somewhere on the field.
Dark Magical Circle.pngDark Magical Circle Dark Magical Circle gives you the opportunity to look for a specific card in your deck while destorying an opposing monster. You cannot go wrong running this card in Dark Magician Decks.

Trap Cards Tier List

S Tier

Card Reason
Karma Cut.pngKarma Cut One of the most common combo breakers in the game with its banishing effect (alongside monsters in the GY that share the same name!). For Decks that needs cards tossed to the Graveyard, the effect can be used to send the resource there for future use.
Raigeki Break.pngRaigeki Break One of the most common combo breakers in the game with its card destruction effect. For Decks that needs cards tossed to the Graveyard, the effect's cost of discarding a card can be used to send the resource there for future use.
Fiendish Chain.pngFiendish Chain To bottleneck the opponent by making a Special Summoned monster take up space, Fiendish Chain is a often-used Trap. It forces the opponent to think of how to get rid of either the trap, or his own monster.
Treacherous Trap Hole.pngTreacherous Trap Hole Treacherous Trap Hole can be used early on as a way to destroy two high priority targets on the opposing field. This card is also great against monsters that chain Special Summons together.
Floodgate Trap Hole.PNGFloodgate Trap Hole Floodgate Trap Hole easily limits a strong monster's impact even before they hit the board. When timed right, Effect Monsters do not get a chance to activate their effects as soon as they are summoned.
Wall of Disruption.PNGWall of Disruption If your opponent likes to swarm the field with monsters and beat you down with monsters, this card is their worst nightmare. Having their ATK drained to 0 just before the end of the Battle Phase can very well be victory.
Ultimate Providence.jpgUltimate Providence A game of matching cards is the card's gimmick, and should you have the same type of card that was activated, discarding the same type from your hand lets you negate its activation.

A Tier

Card Reason
Breakthrough Skill.PNGBreakthrough Skill This card has two chances of being able to negate an Effect Monster's effect from being activated; once while set on the field, and once after being banished from the Graveyard.
Hallowed Life Barrier.pngHallowed Life Barrier A Trap Card that was meant to provide protection and stall time to get to a more favorable situation. Given the cost is discarding one card, those that use the Graveyard as a secondary resource can benefit.
Paleozoic Canadia.pngPaleozoic Canadia This card can force a monster down to flipped-down Defense Position, preventing their effects from resolving if they were an Effect Monster. It can also be Special Summoned as a monster once it hits the Graveyard!
Cybernetic Overflow.pngCybernetic Overflow A card meant for a Cyber Dragon-centric strategy, this card destroys by banishing your own monsters. If it is unfortunate to be destroyed by card effect, you get to search for a "Cyber" Spell or Trap from the Deck.
Dimensional Prison.PNGDimensional Prison Monsters that face this Trap Card in the middle of an attack are banished instead of beind destroyed; which is much worse for the most part.
Pulse Mines.pngPulse Mines A card meant to be played in Machine-type Decks, this forces all of your opponent's monsters to Defense Position, including the monsters they were about to Special Summon as well until the end of the turn.
Stygian Dirge.pngStygian Dirge This is a highly underrated Trap Card that got some spotlight during the rise of XYZ Monsters to prominence, as this card messes with your opponent's monsters' levels.

B Tier

Card Reason
Counter Gate.pngCounter Gate It only negates one attack, but Counter Gate manages to let you have card advantage by letting you draw after the effect resolves.
Solemn Scolding.pngSolemn Scolding While you have to pay a massive cost of 3000 LP, and make sure this is your only Spell or Trap in the back row, this card can negate card activations, or the summon of a monster.
Starlight Road.pngStarlight Road If you can predict when your opponent activates a nuke effect and tries to destroy 2 cards or more, you can negate it, destroy it, and immediately Special Summon "Stardust Dragon" on your field afterwards.
Hysteric Party.pngHysteric Party Fitting to the theme of the Harpies archetype by swarming the field, this Trap Card is a dedicated, empowered version of "Call of the Haunted" and lets you Special Summon as many Harpie monsters from the GY to the field as possible.
Spirit Barrier.pngSpirit Barrier Perfect for stall decks and very defense-oriented set-ups, Spirit Barrier prevents you from taking battle damage so long as the card is face-up on your side on the field.

Card Forbidden List Changes

When a card gets far too strong for the meta, expect them to be given a limitation to how many copies you can hold of said card in a Deck. Their changes in availability directly affects their position within the Tier Lists above.

Update Schedule

Most Recent Limited Card List Update
November 16, 2021

New Card Changes

Nobvember 16, 2021

Card Update
Nekroz of Valkyrus.pngNekroz of Valkyrus Unlimited → Limited 1

October 13, 2021

Card Update
Performapal Call.pngPerformapal Call Unlimited → Limited 1
Cyberload Fusion.pngCyberload Fusion Unlimited → Limited 2
Elegant Egotist.pngElegant Egotist Unlimited → Limited 2
Aloof Lupine N.PNGAloof Lupine Unlimited → Limited 2
Floodgate Trap Hole.PNGFloodgate Trap Hole Unlimited → Limited 3
Amazoness Onslaught.pngAmazoness Onslaught Limited 3 → Unlimited
Secret Pass to the Treasures Icon.PNGSecret Pass to the Treasures Limited 2 → Unlimited

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