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Captain Drake Best Builds and World Memories

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Captain Drake is a Water Physical Attack type character in ALICE Fiction. Learn more about this Folklore's skills, stats, rarity, best World Memories, and how to get below!

Captain Drake Basic Info

Captain Drake Overview

Captain Drake
ALICE Fiction- Captain Drake Icon
Rarity Element Type 1 Type 2
1★ ALICE Fiction - Water Icon Water ALICE Fiction - Attack Icon Attack ALICE Fiction - Physical Icon Physical
PvE Rank PvP Rank
ALICE Fiction - B Icon
ALICE Fiction - C Icon

Best Characters Tier List

Captain Drake Stats and Skills

Captain Drake Skills

Skill CD Max Lv. Effect
Image File 4 Golden Hind of the High Seas
For 2 turn(S) Boost Crit. Rate of Self by 380.
Image File - El Draco the Sun-Eater
Inflict 32,986 damage on enemy(s) with low HP x1. Reduce current HP of Self by 10%.
Image File 3 Revenge of the Spanish
For 1 turn(s) Boost Crit. Dmg of Self by 10% & Heal 5,286 HP.
Image File - Admiral of the Royal Navy
When there are 2 or more Water allies: Boost Crit. Dmg of Self by 18%.

Captain Drake Stats

Max Stats
Base Stats
Max Lv. 75 Max Grade 8
Bond Lv. 9 Power 50,275
HP 28,585 Phys. Atk 6,636
Spec. Atk 0 Phys. Def 4,039
Spec. Def 2,653 Crit. Rate 1,250
Crit. Res 1,056 Crit. Dmg 5%
Absorb 4% Reflect Dmg 0%
Recovery 5% Sts. Resist 30
Base Lv. 1 Base Grade 1
Bond Lv. 1 Power 2,032
HP 3,900 Phys. Atk 682
Spec. Atk 0 Phys. Def 217
Spec. Def 147 Crit. Rate 100
Crit. Res 100 Crit. Dmg 0
Absorb 0 Reflect Dmg 0
Recovery 0 Sts. Resist 0

Captain Drake Best Builds

Captain Drake Best Character Pairings

Character Reason
ALICE Fiction- Robin Hood Icon Robin Hood Both Robin Hood and Captain Drake will complement each other because Robin Hood can boost Captain Drake's Crit. Rate with her Active Skill. This will be on top of the Crit. Rate boosts from her own skill.
ALICE Fiction- Kojiro Icon Kojiro Kojiro will also do great as a partner to Captain Drake since Captain Drake will benefit from Kojiro's Phys. Atk buffs. She will also go toward fulfilling Captain Drake's passive, which boosts her Crit. Dmg if there's at least one Water ally with her (the skill says two Water allies are needed, but Captain Drake herself already counts as 'one' ally).
ALICE Fiction- Viviane Icon Viviane Viviane would also make a good ally for Captain Drake because of her Virus-related abilities. Viviane can inflict 'Virus' on enemies and then grant the Virus-Slayer buff to Captain Drake, allowing her to deal more damage to those afflicted by Virus.

Best Party Builds

Captain Drake Best World Memories

World Memory Skills and Effects
ALICE Fiction- FashionistaFashionista's Article
Boost Phys. Atk by 7.2%. Give +11.52% Buff-type Slayer.
ALICE Fiction- Let Destiny Take the WheelLet Destiny Take the Wheel
Boost Phys. Def by 7.2%. Reduce damage from Defense-types by 5.76%.
ALICE Fiction- Friendly DetourFriendly Detour
Boost Phys. Def by 7.2%. Reduce damage from Attack-types by 5.76%.
ALICE Fiction- FolkloreFolklore's Day Off
Boost Phys. Def by 9%. When you are an Attack-type: & Boost Phys. Def by 12.6%. When there are 4 enemies: Boost Phys. Atk by 11.7%.
ALICE Fiction- SniperSniper's Anxiety
Boost Phys. Def by 13.5%. When your attack is a critical hit: Boost Crit. Dmg by 12.15%.
ALICE Fiction- Undercover InvestigationUndercover Investigation
Boost Phys. Atk by 9%. When you are an Attack-type: & Boost Phys. Atk by 12.6%. Give +14.4% Buff-type Slayer.

Boost Phys. Atk by 6%. Give +9.6% Recovery-type Slayer.
ALICE Fiction- VR Manager AIVR Manager AI
Boost Crit. Dmg by 3%

Captain Drake Available Gachas

Captain Drake Gacha Banners

List of Gacha Banners
ALICE Fiction - 3-Star Gacha
3-Star Gacha
ALICE Fiction - Featured Gacha
Featured Gacha
ALICE Fiction - Rare Gacha
Rare Gacha
ALICE Fiction - Featured Character Gacha Banner
Featured Character Gacha Banner
ALICE Fiction - Free 10-Draw Gacha
Free 10-Draw Gacha

Captain Drake Profile and Backstory

Bond Level Stories

1 Privateer, vice admiral of the English fleet, and the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.
In his early seafaring years, he sailed with a relative's ships until one day, Spanish naval forces decimated the fleet. This incident sowed the seeds of his enmity toward Spain.
2 Since Drake was involved in the seafaring world from a young age, by his twenties, he had already procured his own ship and become its captain. However, the vessel was destroyed when Spanish warships attacked the fleet he had joined. From then on, he was said to have developed a profound hatred of anything Spanish.
He earned a reputation as a pirate in the West Indies, plundering towns and Spanish ships. During his voyage around the world, he also targeted ships carrying Spanish-owned treasure. Though Drake paid some of his spoils to his investors, the total value he accrued far exceeded the cost of their sponsorship, and he was left with an enormous profit.
These merits earned him the title of vice admiral in the English fleet. As vice admiral, he continued to launch attacks on Spain. It is said that during the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Drake was the one who actually commanded the English forces, rather than the admiral he served.
3 Unlocks at Bond Level 9

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