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Antoinette Best Builds and World Memories

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Antoinette is a Fire Physical Buff type character in ALICE Fiction. Learn more about this Folklore's skills, stats, rarity, best World Memories, and how to get below!

Antoinette Basic Info

Antoinette Overview

ALICE Fiction- Antoinette Icon
Rarity Element Type 1 Type 2
2★ ALICE Fiction - Fire Icon Fire ALICE Fiction - Buff Icon Buff ALICE Fiction - Physical Icon Physical
PvE Rank PvP Rank
ALICE Fiction - B Icon
ALICE Fiction - B Icon

Best Characters Tier List

Antoinette Stats and Skills

Antoinette Skills

Skill CD Max Lv. Effect
Image File - Thorn of the Blooming Rose
Inflict 12,995 damage on enemy(s) with low HP x4. 100% Chance to add Oil that increases burn damage to 2 enemy(s) by 140% for 2 turn(s).
Image File 5 Vive la France
100% chance to inflict Burn that damages random enemy(s) x4 by 884 for 3 turn(s)
Image File 4 The Fear of Boredom
For 2 turn(s) Boost Phys. Attack of Fire ally(s) x4 by 1,571 & for 2 turn(s) Boost Phys. Def by 1,675.
Image File - Glamorous Fashion Leader
When there are 2 or more Fire allies: Boost Physical Defense of 4 Fire ally(s) by 1,121.

Antoinette Stats

Max Stats
Base Stats
Max Lv. 75 Max Grade 8
Bond Lv. 9 Power 50,569
HP 24,692 Phys. Atk 5,407
Spec. Atk 0 Phys. Def 5,353
Spec. Def 3,453 Crit. Rate 1,170
Crit. Res 1,260 Crit. Dmg 0%
Absorb 4% Reflect Dmg 0%
Recovery 5% Sts. Resist 50
Base Lv. 1 Base Grade 1
Bond Lv. 1 Power 1,929
HP 3,277 Phys. Atk 542
Spec. Atk 0 Phys. Def 293
Spec. Def 200 Crit. Rate 115
Crit. Res 115 Crit. Dmg 0
Absorb 0 Reflect Dmg 0
Recovery 0 Sts. Resist 0

Antoinette Best Builds

Antoinette Best Character Pairings

Character Reason
ALICE Fiction- Surtr Icon Surtr Antoinette and Surtr can deal Burn using their Active Skills, which allows Surtr to deal even more damage using her Burn Slayer and Oil Slayer perks. Antoinette's Passive Skill which boosts the Phys. Def of Fire allies also triggers with Surtr since it requires two Fire type allies to activate. Surtr can also boost her Phys. Atk. when Antoinette activates a skill, increasing damage output even more.
ALICE Fiction- Musashi Icon Musashi Musashi is another DPS character that you can pair up with Antoinette. One of Musashi's drawbacks is that one of her Active Skills reduces her Phys. Def., which Antoinette can remedy using her Active Skill that boosts Phys. Atk. and Phys. Def. or her Passive that buffs Phys. Def. of Fire allies. This keeps Musashi healthy during battles, and allows her offensive abilities to shine.
ALICE Fiction- Himiko Icon Himiko A healer that fits well with Antoinette is Himiko. Antoinette can provide Himiko with Phys. Def. buffs using her Active and Passive Skill. Himiko, on the other hand, provides healing to keep everyone including Antoinette healthy. A great pairing to have if you're looking to make a Fire element party.

Best Party Builds

Antoinette Best World Memories

World Memory Skills and Effects
ALICE Fiction- Dragon on the SeaDragon on the Sea
Boost Crit. Dmg by 4.32%. Enhance Phys. Atk. buff from Self by 21.6%.
ALICE Fiction- FashionistaFashionista's Article
Boost Phys. Atk by 7.2%. Give +11.52% Buff-type Slayer.
ALICE Fiction- Let Destiny Take the WheelLet Destiny Take the Wheel
Boost Phys. Def by 7.2%. Reduce damage from Defense-types by 5.76%.
ALICE Fiction- Friendly DetourFriendly Detour
Boost Phys. Def by 7.2%. Reduce damage from Attack-types by 5.76%.
ALICE Fiction- 5 Minutes Before5 Minutes Before
Boost HP Absorb by 4.32%. Enhance Phys. Atk buff from Self by 21.6%.
ALICE Fiction- Saint of the GraveyardSaint of the Graveyard
Boost Status Resist by 5.4%. When you are a Buff-type: & Boost Status Resist by 7.56%. For each Buff-type ally(s) on the battlefield, Boost Phys. Atk of Self by 3.6%.
ALICE Fiction- NobleNoble's Tea Party
Boost Status Resist by 5.4%. When you are a Debuff-type: & Boost Status Resist by 7.56%. When there are 4 enemies: Enhance Burn damage from Self by 35.1%.
ALICE Fiction- Tactical ConfrontationTactical Confrontation
Boost Phys. Atk by 9%. When you are a Buff-type: & Boost Phys. Atk by 12.6%. When your Physical Attack is down: Reduce all damage by 7.2%.
ALICE Fiction- Tremendous CuriosityTremendous Curiosity
When a Fire type has this equipped: Boost Phys. Atk & Boost Phys. Def by 20.48% & Give +49.14% Burn Slayer.

Antoinette Available Gachas

Antoinette Gacha Banners

List of Gacha Banners
ALICE Fiction - 3-Star Gacha
3-Star Gacha
ALICE Fiction - Featured Gacha
Featured Gacha
ALICE Fiction - Rare Gacha
Rare Gacha
ALICE Fiction - Featured Character Gacha Banner
Featured Character Gacha Banner
ALICE Fiction - Free 10-Draw Gacha
Free 10-Draw Gacha

Antoinette Profile and Backstory

Bond Level Stories

1 Queen of Louis XVI of France.
A bold trendsetter in fashion, Marie Antoinette had many copycats and admirers, but she met her tragic end at the guillotine.
2 Born as Maria Antonia, the eleventh daughter of the Austrian empress Maria Theresa, Marie Antoinette had no plans to marry into France. Things changed when her sister who had been betrothed to the King of Naples suddenly passed away, and another sister Maria Carolina, previously promised to the French crown prince, went to Naples instead. Thus talks began to marry Maria Antonia into French aristocracy in Maria Carolina's place. Though her queenship in France was largely by chance, the fair princess was warmly welcomed by the French people.
However, her life was soon fraught with scandals. People talked of her animosity with Louis XV's mistress Madame du Barry, of frauds, scams, and rumors of love affairs with Swedish aristocracy. Her huge expenditures on jewels, theater, and dances also put pressure on France's struggling economy. With increasing taxes for all citizens and tax exemptions for the wealthy, the French people began to foment revolution, with Marie Antoinette bearing a large brunt of their resentment.
Following the death of Louis XV, her mother Maria Theresa sent countless letters in worry for her daughter. They had no effect though; Marie Antoinette was captured by French revolutionaries and sentenced to death by guillotine upon Place de la Concorde.
3 Even after marrying into France, Marie Antoinette preserved many of the customs of her homeland, including her fondness for baths. She had a bathtub brought into her room.
France's rich culture of fragrances was greatly influenced by her bathing habits. At the time, France did not have a custom of bathing, and heavy musk scents were often worn to cover up body odor. By contrast, Marie Antoinette preferred softer herbal and floral scents since she had little body odor to hide. This quickly became a trend among the upper class.
She also believed that the queen should strive for the greatest beauty, so she had trendy fashion designer Rose Bertin produce a great number of innovative outfits to wow those around her. Marie Antoinette's fashion sense garnered attention even outside of France, and aristocrats from Spain and Russia also began to follow her trends.
Even in ALICE, Antoinette's cutting-edge fashion sense has earned her many admirers, though she does not seem interested in the fame."

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