takt op. Symphony Release Date and Preview | Everything We Know So Far


takt op. Symphony, the long-awaited video game of the popular anime series, is finally about to release after being delayed for two years. Read on to learn more about its release date, gameplay, and where you can pre-register for additional rewards.

takt op. Symphony Release Date and Time

June 28, 2023


According to the English Twitter account of takt op. Symphony, the game will have a global release alongside its Japanese version on June 28, 2023. The Global version will support English, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai upon launch. A specific time has yet to be announced; we will update this page when more information becomes available.

Everything We Know About takt op. Symphony

takt op. Symphony Latest Trailer

takt op. Symphony Story Plot


The game is set in a futuristic world where monsters called "D2s" have appeared on Earth. These monsters came from a meteorite containing "Black Night Siderites." they detest music and are drawn to them to destroy it, effectively causing a stop in humanity's musical culture. It is up to the Symphonica International Organization and the Musicarts to defeat the D2s and bring music back into the world.

"Music will save the world" isn't a new theme. Many other franchises, such as Ar tonelico, have used similar themes to takt op. However, the latter still carves its place among similar titles with its beautiful art and quality animations.

takt op. Symphony Gameplay


Unlike the typical RPG with a limited choice of characters with many abilities to use, takt op. Symphony uses the same popular trend among its peers that are the opposite of the former; they have far more characters, but each one is limited in what they could do. It is a typical turn-based RPG meant for the mobile market, with limited choices of skills for every individual character.

Though the game will use sprites on 3D background for combat, it will feature an entirely 3D environment to explore.

Where Can You Pre-Register for takt op. Symphony?


Players can pre-register for the game on their website here. All players are eligible for pre-registration rewards such as an SSR Memory once they reach certain milestones.


Is There a PC Port for takt op. Symphony?


The June launch will be exclusively for mobile users. There is no information regarding a PC port of the game as of to-date.

takt op. Symphony Trailers

takt op. Symphony will be released on 28th June! (Released May 18, 2023)

This trailer is a character showcase for all of the revealed Musicarts. It also shows one of the game's core features, which is the

takt op. Symphony | Music Concept PV - Release Now! (Released April 13, 2023)

The game's first promotional video (outside of the Musicarts' showcases) presents the game's premise, which is similar and related to the anime. D2s, monsters produced from a black meteorite, ravage the planet and destroy all of humanity's music, as it is the only thing that could harm and kill them. To combat them, Musicarts, humanoid manifestations of various musical scores, are charged with destroying them through music together with their Conductors.

takt op. Symphony Product Information

Takt Op Symphony
Release Date June 28, 2023
Developer Game Studio
Supported Platforms Mobile
Genre RPG
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating Teen
Official Website https://takt-op.com/en/
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